I like Moo, yes I do. I like Moo, how about you? 30% off code.

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Original Post

Reasons to like Moo-

1. "Printfinity' is MOO's unique printing technology, allowing you to print a different image on every card in a pack." Tags, business cards, mini portfolio of your work?

2. New double sided post cards. I can't wait to order some.

3. This 30% off code for 1st time orders: KSKBDT

4. No pestering emails clogging your inbox like other online business card companies.

Posted at 11:31am Jan 13, 2011 EST


ananemone says


someday must maybe get business cards

Posted at 11:32am Jan 13, 2011 EST

I love moo! Thanks for the code, I need to order more. :)

Posted at 11:33am Jan 13, 2011 EST

Yes, Yes, Yes!! I love Moo 2.

Posted at 11:36am Jan 13, 2011 EST

Going to check them out....thanks!

Posted at 11:37am Jan 13, 2011 EST

sewZinski says

marking. Thanks!

Posted at 11:39am Jan 13, 2011 EST

love my moo cards!

Posted at 11:41am Jan 13, 2011 EST

I love Moo too, they are amazing its like having a little catalogue of your shop in your pocket. I'm addicted to the mini cards they are so cute.

Posted at 11:45am Jan 13, 2011 EST

The cards are cool, bit too expensive, in my humble opinion.

Posted at 11:46am Jan 13, 2011 EST

plasticpumpkin give the 30% off code a try. You'll be surprised by there quality.

Posted at 11:51am Jan 13, 2011 EST