Metals for rings that won't turn your finger green?

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xmartha says

I am a newbie to the jewelry making still and will be for a while. I got a book on wire jewelry but does not cover this topic and I'm confused mostly by what I see online in handmade rings.

I see SO many different wire used for rings, all looks beautiful. But would they turn anyone's finger green or get icky?

I've made about 15 rings and have used a brand called "artistic wire" and it states it's silver plated copper and is non tarnish. I accidentally purchased a "tinned copper" wire that looks silver in appearance, havent received it yet. And I have plain copper wire.

Then there's wire I have seen that is almost like a rose gold. And wire that looks dark and dingy that had a cool look to it. I don't even know what the heck that one is but I want to know about it! What are they called and how versatile are they for wear as a ring?

Basically, what wire is good for rings (since people may wash their hands with them on or sweat or just wear them extensively)? And what wire should I stay far away from?

Posted at 9:04am Jan 14, 2011 EST


Copper turns your fingers green when you sweat.

Buying things like Sterling Silver or Gold will get rid of this problem.

Posted at 10:14am Jan 14, 2011 EST

ditto what Charlotte says :) Your sterling plated copper wire will eventually wear off the sterling, also. Plated materials don't stand up to a whole lot of wear. There many colored enamel coated copper wires also - they'll be ok for awhile, before the coating wears off.

There is gold-filled (sounds backwards since the gold is on the outside, and the wire is filled with brass) and you can sometimes find sterling-filled wire. The coating on these is much thicker than plated wire, and will last much much longer, and it's less exspensive than buying solid silver or gold.

Posted at 11:56am Jan 14, 2011 EST