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Original Post

MissKArt says

What is a Certificate of Authenicity for art work really? What should it have on it?

Posted at 4:00pm Jan 14, 2011 EST


a certificate of authenticity should have:

Name of art
date of work
name of artist

you can also include the edition
either have ORIGINAL or for a limited edition it must match the number provided on the print etc itself
ie: 1/25
where 1 is the number in the edition and 25 the number of editions...can be what ever number you want.

You can create COAs online after signing up for artist account at:
paid membership but so worth it as you can have the buyer lock the coa with a validation code (they will need to sign up for a free patron account)

Posted at 4:10pm Jan 14, 2011 EST

MissKArt says

Awesome! Thanks a bunch FaerieMajikk :)

Posted at 4:21pm Jan 14, 2011 EST

no worries at all

Posted at 4:39pm Jan 14, 2011 EST

also just to add some COAs have a photo of the artwork in question on the certificate - this is really personal taste so optional, just thought i would add it

Posted at 4:48pm Jan 14, 2011 EST

MissKArt says

Oh! Gotcha, thanks :)

Posted at 6:22pm Jan 14, 2011 EST

Art166 says

MissK, here are two links with some great info on COA, which are legally required in some states:

Posted at 6:33pm Jan 14, 2011 EST

Art166 says

This is a great thread topic, as I've met artists who've never even heard of a COA. Oops!

Posted at 6:34pm Jan 14, 2011 EST

schin says

You don't have to, but I think it's a really nice touch for the buyer. If they lose your information or knowledge about the art, at least they can retrieve everything they need to know from the COA. Also, if it's a limited edition print, then a COA is very valuable, compulsory even.

Posted at 6:35pm Jan 14, 2011 EST