How can you see who "shared" a post on facebook?

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Original Post

How can I tell who has "shared" my updates on my facebook fanpage? I know that people are doing it but it doesn't show me who or when.

The only way I knew that people shared something was when I just did a random search for "bohemian" in the search box on facebook and it gave me a list of pages or people with that word. However, I stumbled upon one of my posts and it told me who shared it but when I went to that actual post on my wall it didn't show anything.

Is there a spot on facebook that shows you this?

Posted at 11:19am Jan 17, 2011 EST


ZenHen says

pecking to find out...

I was going to use that app that let you see who looked at your page but then found out from other facebookers that it was a virus...??

Posted at 11:20am Jan 17, 2011 EST

Hi ZenHen
Yes I heard that it was a virus too :/

Posted at 11:22am Jan 17, 2011 EST

Anyone have any insight on this? I'd like to know if people are sharing so that I can thank them and also at least I know who is showing interest in my posts. As it stands, unless someone "likes" or "comments" I have no idea what is going on with each post.

Posted at 11:42am Jan 17, 2011 EST

If you are friends with them it will show up on your wall/news feed

Posted at 1:29pm Jan 17, 2011 EST

If the person tags you in the post.... saying for instance: Check out @beansthings site! the "@" doesn't show up, but it makes your shop name clickable for those who see the post, and shows up on your fan page...

Posted at 1:38pm Jan 17, 2011 EST

I don't think you can tell unless you are friends with that specific person, OR if their page is public then a google search would probably turn it up.

Posted at 2:08pm Jan 17, 2011 EST

I see..okay so basically there is no spot where it saves all the times it was shared or something. I guess if I miss it in the feed it's gone. That's the problem. Meh...okay thanks :)

Posted at 11:15pm Jan 17, 2011 EST