Etsy Customer Service Building in Hudson Valley, NY?

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GoTo says

About 2 hours too far north for me!

Upstate could really use the influx though. :)

Posted at 2:08am Jan 18, 2011 EST

lowe40 says

bread crumbs..................

Posted at 2:18am Jan 18, 2011 EST

crochetgal says

This should be interesting..

Posted at 2:58am Jan 18, 2011 EST


Very cool, that is just a little bit over an hour from me. That area could use the jobs and its a great area to move into.

Posted at 7:08am Jan 18, 2011 EST

very awesome...

Posted at 7:40am Jan 18, 2011 EST

Taghkanic says

Here's some more on the news, from a local perspective:

Hudson, by the way, is very easy to reach from New York City. There's an Amtrak stop within a couple blocks of the main street, Warren. It's kind of like we have our own NYC subway station... And Hudson's also a little under two hours drive via either the (beautiful) Taconic Parkway or (less-appealing) I-87.

Posted at 8:01am Jan 18, 2011 EST

debs1967 says

I used to live in the Hudson Valley (Peekskill/Cortlandt area before moving to Florida)

Posted at 8:13am Jan 18, 2011 EST

congrats etsy... !

Posted at 8:19am Jan 18, 2011 EST

uncljohn says

175 People in NYC
in a remote location
to hold 50 people.
And they don't have the man power, time or money it appears
to repair the search engines so Buyer can find stuff to buy
from sellers.
They're going to need it
I would guess.

Posted at 8:41am Jan 18, 2011 EST

AmyMadden says

This is really exciting on many levels. Those of you that know the recent history of Hudson and the ongoing debates about whether future growth should include heavy industry (i.e. cement plants), this will illustrate another possible route. I don't believe that any residents really want a cement plant--they want jobs. This is a win-win situation for Hudson: economic growth with an environmental compromise!

Posted at 8:47am Jan 18, 2011 EST