how do I get something unstuck from throat

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Original Post

I ate popcorn at lunch and a flake from the kernel/shell is stuck in my throat. I have drank a ton of water keep coughin and clearing throat and it's stuck. And it hurts! Help!

Posted at 3:49pm Jan 17, 2011 EST


Maybe eat something bulky to push it down? Have any oatmeal or cereal around?

Posted at 3:50pm Jan 17, 2011 EST

Maybe it's not stuck and it just scratched your throat? I'm no doctor but it doesn't seem like it would get stuck there with all of that water flowing through!

Do you have one of those HMO nurse phone numbers? That's who I call when I have a medical q. that doesn't quite warrant a doctor's visit.

Posted at 3:51pm Jan 17, 2011 EST

maybe it did scratch it but it just feels like there is something there

Posted at 3:52pm Jan 17, 2011 EST

I have no idea. I've gotten one of those stuck behind my tonsil once. Ugh!

Posted at 3:54pm Jan 17, 2011 EST

Noodles or oatmeal, and failing that, cough syrup.

Posted at 3:54pm Jan 17, 2011 EST

Wire hanger.


Posted at 3:54pm Jan 17, 2011 EST

Eating a piece of bread will often take care of that problem.

Posted at 3:55pm Jan 17, 2011 EST

purple, are you still trying to pass those nursing exams?!....ha ha

Posted at 3:56pm Jan 17, 2011 EST

camancaman says

drink warm water. if there is in fact a piece of popcorn stuck there, the warm water will help dissipate it.

Posted at 3:57pm Jan 17, 2011 EST