Shipping small item in a plain white envelope.

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Original Post

Would this be unprofessional? The item is not fragile, is small and light weight and will be wrapped in one layer of light bubble wrap. The envelope with have a custom shop sticker to hold the flap more securely.

Posted at 10:20pm Jan 17, 2011 EST


Leapkahian says

I wouldn't do it. Plain envelopes can be easily torn or ripped in half. I had something shipped to me in one and it never made it. You can go to your local dollar store and pick up the manilla envelopes for .10 each

Posted at 10:23pm Jan 17, 2011 EST

Any opinions?

Posted at 10:23pm Jan 17, 2011 EST

betsywynn says

I wouldn't use a white envelope. Maybe an envelope from USPS. Or are we allowed to wrap envelopes ? Maybe that would be cute !

Posted at 10:24pm Jan 17, 2011 EST

Geekazoid says

I ship all of my smaller decals in a plain white envelope, and my larger ones in an oversized white envelope. I think it's worked out for me very well, and my customers are happy.

Posted at 10:25pm Jan 17, 2011 EST

BLSoaps says

The only thing I'd be comfortable being shipped in a regular envelope is something TOTALLY flat. But honestly, even then, I'd still prefer it to be shipped in a stiff flat mailer.

Letter envelopes are meant for letters. That's it. It will get sent through a machine sorter, and anything not flat will get caught and most likely ruined.

Posted at 10:26pm Jan 17, 2011 EST

I've done it, twice, both for an order of 1 soap sack.

have also done it with a few orders of 1 inch knives. never had a problem myself.

Posted at 10:26pm Jan 17, 2011 EST

I don't see any problem with it from a professional view. But from a practical view, a letter must be less than 1/4" thick to qualify as a letter so watch how much bubble wrap you use, plus if the machine chews up or loses the item from a customer service standpoint, you will either have to refund money or send another item. And like Leapkahian said, that will happen more often in a less sturdy envelope.

Posted at 10:27pm Jan 17, 2011 EST

Geekazoid says

My items are flat however, and basically made of paper, I'm not sure how it would work out with something wrapped in bubble wrap. Give it a try - wrap the item up, take it to the post office, and mail it to yourself. See how it holds up.

I spent a lot of time investigating shipping options, this one works very well for me, and allows me to keep my shipping prices very reasonable, which keeps my customers happy and coming back for more.

Posted at 10:27pm Jan 17, 2011 EST

if it isnt a letter dont put it in a regular envelope. Paper is the only thing they are meant to be used to hold. My mom worked at usps for 25 years and she told me to not even mail a stick if gum in one because the automatic machines tear them up like crazy. Don't be cheap and mail it in a bubble wrap envelope. Or you'll pay for it later when the item never makes it to your customer.

Posted at 10:27pm Jan 17, 2011 EST

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