Can you thin out E6000 glue?

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Original Post

Meisukii says

I tried to find a topic or answer to this question but wasn't able if there is then sorry! lol

Anyway, this glue is super thick and I have no idea how to thin it out or 'spread' it out over a small surface. I'm trying to deco some items and this is the glue I have on hand right now...Should I be using something else? Or is there a way to think this glue out a little?

Any ideas would be helpful!

Posted at 6:18pm Jan 18, 2011 EST


PigseyArt says

Buy a bag of bamboo skewers for grilling at your local supermarket, usually like 2 bucks for a bag of 100. I use these to spread out E6000 and they are not only useful, but easily disposable if the glue dries on there.

Posted at 6:40pm Jan 18, 2011 EST

I use E6000 quite a bit, and I think it would ruin it to thin it out. Better off waiting til you have the right glue on hand.

Posted at 6:46pm Jan 18, 2011 EST

QueenBe, what would be a better glue? I find it thick sometimes too and have to 'clean up' around where it spread. What's another good choice? For metal to metal. Or anything to metal.

Posted at 6:51pm Jan 18, 2011 EST

Meisukii says

I did think a few times to get the skewers. Thanks Pigsey ^^

And that is exactly the problem I have Ballyhoo. It doesn't dry clear enough for me and end up having to scrap away the excess and usually when it peels off some jewels come off with it >_< Very annoying to say the least..

Posted at 7:18pm Jan 18, 2011 EST

The trick is to use alittle and let it set up abit before you apply. I too use the bamboo skewers 99 cents for a bag at Walmart. I also use them for turning and stuffing small doll parts.

Posted at 7:39pm Jan 18, 2011 EST

You can try toothpicks, they work just like skewers. I always have trouble with E6000. I use jewelers glue, much easier for detailed work.

Posted at 8:07pm Jan 18, 2011 EST

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