Crochet a bag/tote to get a flat bottom

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Original Post

I'm as basic as you can get with crocheting and I don't follow patterns...I just crochet'ed (how do you type that? lol) a "tube" for a tote-bag style purse thing-a-ma-bob. I then crochet'ed an oval bottom and attached it. I was hoping it would be flat on the bottom, able to stand up. Instead it sags...did I just make the bottom too large? Do I need it to be smaller than the opening to make it tighter?

Posted at 2:47 am Jan 24, 2011 EST


I usually make a bottom separately out of something stiff like cardboard & cover it with a cotton (usually put elastic around the edges or make any opening). Then I can remove it to wash the bag & I can remove the cover to wash it.

Posted at 2:51 am Jan 24, 2011 EST

I was wondering if maybe I need to add something to stiffen it, or maybe just make the bottom twice as thick?

Posted at 2:59 am Jan 24, 2011 EST

hmmm...everyone must be in bed, like I should be.

Posted at 3:26 am Jan 24, 2011 EST

deba822 says

Cut a piece of plastic canvas to fit the bottom and just put it in the bottom.

Posted at 4:17 am Jan 24, 2011 EST

crochetgal says

Without seeing photos, I would guess that you didn't make the bottom piece stiff enough.

What kind of yarn are you using? Maybe you need to work with a double strand so it has some strength?

Posted at 4:50 am Jan 24, 2011 EST

If you want it to be completely flat, you will need to crochet over something, like a couple of people mentioned. Crochet the bottom, cut cardboard or plastic canvas to size, crochet ANOTHER bottom, and sew the two bottoms together with the plastic canvas or cardboard inside. I make drawstring bags that way using cd's. Double-thickness will make it stiffer, but probably not completely flat all the time.

Posted at 9:43 am Jan 24, 2011 EST

I'm using plarn. I think I'm going to undo it, make it smaller so it's more taut, and possibly add canvas to the bottom. We'll see if that works :) Thanks for the help!

Posted at 12:06 pm Jan 24, 2011 EST

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