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Original Post

What is a BNE?
This is a thread where when you Buy in - you are Entered to win one of 5 prizes! Every 2 weeks we will start with 16 new shops that will be donating prizes. Every other Friday night there will be a BNR Treasury, and the 4 winners will be chosen. Four winners will each receive one prize from 4 different shops.

There will also be a "Grand Prize" at the end of each month. I will pick a winner from all the shops that have made purchases during the month, and also include the Prize Shops. That winner will get a surprise gift worth at least $20 from me.


How do you enter to win a prize?
*Purchase from one of the Curators = 3 entries
*Purchase from one of the 16 Prize shops = 2 entries
*Purchase from a shop on the Buyers List = 1 entry

If you purchase more than one item from the shop - you get more entries - one entry per item purchased.
I will be keeping track of all the purchases on a spreadsheet and at the end of the BNR Raffle Treasury (Feb. 11), and using to pick the winners.


1. NO MINIMUM (PIF's do not count)
2. Comment with the transaction link
3. Wait for the curator's to add you to the Buyers List.
4. Please help promote!

The curators will add your shop to the Buyers List as soon as we can. Please Do Not add your own shop to the list. We will be checking in during the day, but don't worry, if we haven't been around for a bit - we didn't forget about you :)

The BNR Raffle Treasury will be held on Friday February 11 from 7pm - 10pm Etsy time. During the BNR treasury there will be more chances to gain entries, to chat & meet some of the great shops that have donated prizes.

*The link to the BNR Raffle Treasury will be posted here one hour before it starts.
*If you would like to be in the next BNE Raffle (Jan. 28 - Feb 11) - please convo me.
*I will be starting an email list of shops/people that would like to be notified when the BNE & BNR Raffle Treasury opens. If you would like to be on the email list - please convo me with your email address.

Posted at 10:30am Jan 29, 2011 EST




PRIZE SHOPS & Prizes (Jan 29-Feb11):
Dumplin Holler Homemade Chocolate Spoon Fudge
Custom Round Seals - Labels for your shop
winner's choice of pendant
one set of 9 "Thank You for buying from my shop" Cards
Heart / Three Little Hearts
lip balm cozy and a mug cozy in winners choice of color
Cactus 8 X 10 watercolor print or any print from the shop
Cupcake Love
$10 Gift Certificate
Green dangle Earrings
Dog House Picture Frame
Watercolor pendant - 1 inch circle.
Set of Flowers:
- 2 large flowers
- 1 set of medium flowers
- 2 set of mini-paper flowers
a pound of "Triple Chocolate Fudge"
Any item $10 or less
Pink Heart Ponytail and tags
Crystazzi Glass Pearl Memory Wire Bracelet Bangle with LOVE Charm
custom bookmark like this -
Birds in Flight Earrings
$10 Gift Certificate towards a print
winner's choice of coaster


Posted at 10:31am Jan 29, 2011 EST

´*•.¸♥¸.•* SHOPS OF THE DAY ´*•.¸♥¸.•* (1/29-1/30)

All Prize Shops!

Any purchase from these shops is worth 4 entries for the Raffle on February 11!
To Promote: twitter, facebook, kaboodle etc. or post in the forums. Be sure to leave a comment here with how you are promoting.

Posted at 10:31am Jan 29, 2011 EST

Here is the link to our Team:

Please join in case this thread is no longer here at the end of the month.

Posted at 10:35am Jan 29, 2011 EST

Wow, look at that list of prizes! This is going to be great!

Posted at 10:40am Jan 29, 2011 EST

Going to tweet the prize shops!

Posted at 10:41am Jan 29, 2011 EST

dmrhas2 says

I want fudge!

Posted at 10:42am Jan 29, 2011 EST

dmrhas2 - don't we all! :)
There are some really wonderful prizes this round.

Posted at 10:43am Jan 29, 2011 EST

I'm going to try to keep track of the sales and mention how many there are once in a while.
Wonder who will be the first on the Buyers List?

Posted at 10:44am Jan 29, 2011 EST

Hi! I think I understand the concept!!!!

Posted at 10:45am Jan 29, 2011 EST