Can someone please explain to me the whole mustache thing?

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Original Post

Okay, seriously. Can someone please explain to me why there are so many mustache-themed items on Etsy, especially on the front page? I feel like I am missing something...

Posted at 4:28 pm Feb 1, 2011 EST


Kitsch is in, and nothing says "kitsch" like a good mustache. ;)

Posted at 4:30 pm Feb 1, 2011 EST

Okay, thanks. I sort of thought maybe there was some pop culture thing going on that I didn't get, since I don't have tv...

Posted at 4:35 pm Feb 1, 2011 EST

Some things are inexplicable.

Posted at 4:38 pm Feb 1, 2011 EST

waterwaif says

Etsy is the only one who can explain the mustache thing. No one else gets it, not even the people who sell mustachioed items.

Posted at 4:39 pm Feb 1, 2011 EST

People are even having online "mustache parties" where the use paper mustaches or write a mustache on their finger and hold it up to their face and take pictures and then all post them on each other's blogs and stuff. It's kinda silly but funny.

Posted at 4:39 pm Feb 1, 2011 EST

Quite simply: Mustaches are awesome.

Posted at 4:40 pm Feb 1, 2011 EST

mustaches have been around ever since I've been here, and that's 4 years...embrace the mustache. ;-)

Posted at 4:40 pm Feb 1, 2011 EST

With all of the social media networks, blogs, and other stuff being so popular right now, the mustache items are being used in profile pictures as a fun, quirky photo. Necklaces can be held up to your face like a real mustache and it's kind of a joke thing.

Quirky things are in right now, especially with the younger crowd.

Posted at 4:41 pm Feb 1, 2011 EST

i dont know but i saw a huge one on a bilboard ad for the new dali museum in tampa...

Posted at 4:41 pm Feb 1, 2011 EST

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