Looking for "minis" to add to my blog for FEBRUARY 2011 FREE EXPOSURE

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Original Post

dzfantasy says

I'm a bit behind in updating the minis on my DZFANTASY blog....! If you are interested in have your "mini" on my blog at: dzfantasy.blogspot.com for the month of FEBUARY, leave a comment here, and I will contact you!

I have room for about 30 - 2col x 2 row minis. I will be creating the minis for everyone so there isn't anything to do but leave a message here.

Posted at 1:10pm Feb 2, 2011 EST


dzfantasy says

OK, where is everybody?? Isn't anyone interested in a bit of FREE PROMOTION??

Posted at 4:57pm Feb 2, 2011 EST

mediterra says

I would love to be included :)

Posted at 5:07pm Feb 2, 2011 EST

vtdesigns says

I would LOVE to be added - thank you. Can't wait to hear from you!!

Posted at 5:12pm Feb 2, 2011 EST

I would looove to be included!!

Posted at 5:13pm Feb 2, 2011 EST

This sounds like a great opportunity! Cool idea. I'd love to take part.

Posted at 5:20pm Feb 2, 2011 EST

any attention is good attention!

Posted at 5:21pm Feb 2, 2011 EST

dzfantasy says

I contacted everyone through "sewingmaniac". Still room for lots more, so if interested, leave a comment here and I will contact you via convo.


Posted at 5:41pm Feb 2, 2011 EST