Looking for "minis" to add to my blog for FEBRUARY 2011 FREE EXPOSURE

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NaviWing says

Ooh, I'm interested in free promotion! :D

Posted at 5:43 pm Feb 2, 2011 EST

Would love some love!

Posted at 5:44 pm Feb 2, 2011 EST

dzfantasy says

I still have room for about 15 more minis, so if you are interested in a bit of free promotion...leave a comment here and I will contact you.

My blog is DZFANTASY at: dzfantasy.blogspot.com

Posted at 8:31 am Feb 3, 2011 EST

dzfantasy says

Still room for more minis!! Leave a comment here if you'd like to be on my DZFANTASY blog at:


I will be creating the minis, and they will stay on for a 4 week period.

Posted at 5:05 pm Feb 3, 2011 EST

I'd love it!

Posted at 5:08 pm Feb 3, 2011 EST

andralynn says

Sounds wonderful! Thank you for the opportunity :)

Posted at 6:01 pm Feb 3, 2011 EST

I'm interested, see all you had to do was scold us out there for us to respond..LOL LOL

I'm adding my little promotion here too.. LOL
Thanks for doing this for us :)
Have an awesome evening!


Okay,, today is almost over and its my One Year Etsy Anniversary and would love a sale !!

Just listed this one and had a blast doing it !!


Posted at 6:35 pm Feb 3, 2011 EST

I would love to take part...thanks!!

Posted at 7:55 pm Feb 4, 2011 EST

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