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Original Post

is etsy short for betsy? wetsy? letsy? detsy? petsy?

Posted at 4:11am Jul 29, 2005 EDT


JOYouz says

I would like to know this as well. Almost everyone asks me what ETSY means when I give them the website addy.

Posted at 8:01am Jul 30, 2005 EDT

Rokali says

Well that took a while! Haha. We've been waiting for that question to pop up here. Can we ask you first: what do you think Etsy means?


Posted at 10:26am Jul 30, 2005 EDT

When I've told people(verbally) one said, "Etcie? As in Etc.?" That almost made sense. Now I say etsy as in Betsy without the B.

Posted at 11:04am Jul 30, 2005 EDT

wingnut says

i thought maybe it was to catch the people going to the search engine esty.com, but misspelled it. Then my boyfreind said it was probably something similar to what EBAY stands for, but pertaining to crafts. But i dunno what ebay stands for.

Posted at 8:38pm Jul 30, 2005 EDT

JOYouz says

Okay, I'll play! Is it one of these?

Each Treasure Sold Yesterday
Earthy Treasures Scattered Yokels
Exhibit Tacky Shocking Yards
Evil Taboos Spoil Yields
Eternally Thrifty Soul Yowls
Experts Tweak Sexy Yokes
Extremes Tempt Spunky Young’uns
Embellished Tomfoolery Stars Yearn
Exhibit Topsy-Turvy Shapely Yarns
Excellent Tempting Sophisticated Yachts
Ecstasy Thrills Shameless Youth
Every Thing ‘Sept Yachts
Earthly Tactile Silly Yardsticks
Endless Trinkets Satisfy – Yes!
Equip Tycoons Shamelessly Y’all
Extreme Tag Shocks Yankee

And finally (drumroll please)...
Eat The Snow Yellow (not)

Seriously, I think it is HANDMADE (or some equally applicable adjective) in some other language. However, I have no idea what language it might be.


Posted at 10:15pm Jul 30, 2005 EDT

Rokali says

Nice list JOYouz!

"eBay" is short for "Echo Bay" which was the name of company that started Auction Web. The story goes that echobay.com was taken, so they picked up ebay.com.

I pronounce Etsy like "Betsy" without the "b" as well, but you can say it however you like.

Posted at 10:19pm Jul 30, 2005 EDT

muchachak says

My boyfriend also thinks it could be a reference to "et cetera" a.k.a. "etc." He informs me that the Unix operating system's "/etc/" directory is often pronounced "etsy" in computer-person-ese. :)

Or it's someone's grandma's name ;)

Posted at 1:01am Jul 31, 2005 EDT

wingnut says

ok can we know now?

Posted at 8:22pm Aug 1, 2005 EDT

Rokali says

Have any of you seen "Fellini's 8 1/2" (it's an old Italian movie)?

Posted at 11:36pm Aug 1, 2005 EDT