a checklist of selling tips from the "reviews"

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Original Post

dyno says

I've noticed that I'm often giving similar advice when posting a critique, um, I mean "review". ;) The reviews have been running for 3 weeks now and I thought it would be helpful to create a summary of what has been learned thus far -- a collection of Selling Tips to share that could act as a quick checklist for sellers when they're thinking "why are sales slow?"

I don't really have the time to read all 14 or 15 critiques to date to find the common or universal tips given. But I was hoping that those of you that have participated could share your key/universal findings here. :)

So if you've given or recieved a crit I invite you to share your top 3 tips that everyone should be mindful off. :)

Posted at 6:47pm May 13, 2006 EDT


oreosmeow says

1. Great pictures
2. Great descriptions
3. Use your tags well


Posted at 6:49pm May 13, 2006 EDT

dyno says

the ones I've noticed thus far:

make sure they're at least 400px wide so there's no distortion or pixelation, be cognizant of how the main image will be cropped for the thumbnail, take the time to shoot good quality images

(see the member FAQ for more info on the use of photos on Etsy, how photos are cropped, and tips on taking better photos: www.etsy.com/forums_topic.php?thread_id=5536 )

these are 2 key ways people can search for your products. make sure your titles state basic product identifiers (soap, shirt, necklace) and make sure your tags include a variety of info (color, use, type of product)

use your storefront and your 3rd/4th image slots to promote and showcase your products. Use the featured items slots to give an overview of your store or showcase a particular theme. use your banner to indicate the style, process, personality, or products of your store. You may not always need 4 images to explain your product, but that doesn't mean the space has to be left empty. use one of your image spaces to cross-promote a related product in your store.

Posted at 6:54pm May 13, 2006 EDT

dejavu says

Great thread, dyno! I'm not sure if this is what you had in mind, but I'd like a synopsis of what people suggested about Bios - style, information that should be included or excluded, written in third or first person, what people liked or didn't like, etc.

Posted at 7:17pm May 13, 2006 EDT

dyno says

I had originally meant more to share a synopsis of what has been suggested for bios... but I think your question makes sense here, since hopefully someone will be able to provide insight on it. :)

Posted at 7:27pm May 13, 2006 EDT

windshine says

make sure your pics are the best they can be

make sure your tags are comprehensive

more descriptions: everything - listing, self, past, future... people seem to want to know!

Posted at 7:58pm May 13, 2006 EDT

windshine says

thats what i think ive come across the most reading these critiques

Posted at 7:59pm May 13, 2006 EDT

dyno says

thanks for sharing windshine! and oreosmeow!

Posted at 8:39pm May 13, 2006 EDT

dyno says

mum's day bump
(happy mother's day :)

Posted at 12:32pm May 14, 2006 EDT

pics are often key to get me in the door.
close-ups and color draw me in more quickly than a full shoot that is shrunken down to nothing.

comprehensive tags and materials...if it crosses your mind, it may cross a buyers, so what the heck, list them all.

avatars that "jump" out. i am not always sure what will, but people's faces are common and i usually ignore them. however, if you are prominent in the forums, it really doesnt matter what your avatar is, i will remember it and what you sell. so, i guess that means, make yourself visable to increase hits.

and consistency, you dont have to be matchy, matchy, but use similar wording, pics, and avatar/banner. i recognize some items as belonging to certain sellers because of consistency. and i think it is a good thing.

Posted at 1:22pm May 15, 2006 EDT