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Original Post

WhyNots says

I was packing up an order and thought it would be nice if you could provide a packing slip. I like the buyer to have a reference with the price, item # & my email, etc in case there's a problem.

A link to a dynamically created packing slip on the "items sold" or details page would work, or email it with the sale notice. Ebay & send it as the bottom 1/2 of the email and it never fits right on a page, so sending it as an attached document would work better.

Glad to see you're doing well with the site so far.

Thanks! Chris

Posted at 11:57pm Aug 7, 2005 EDT


Rokali says

This is a very nice idea and should be easy to do. But maybe we already have something that could work? Buyers can go to Your Account > Purchases > Details and see a summary of the sale. Sellers can go to Your Shop > Items Sold > Details and see the same thing. What should we add to that page?

Posted at 12:16pm Aug 8, 2005 EDT

WhyNots says

The details page has a bunch of extra pictures and doesn't seem professional enough. I've been printing out the email that Etsy sends the seller and put it in the package.

My ideal packing slip should have a summary of the sale info (price, description qty, payment method), the seller's contact info in case there's a problem, and the shipping address and method.

Posted at 10:44pm Oct 2, 2005 EDT

tikup says

I found purely by accident that PayPal has a packing slip option. It contains the items you've specified. I use it, but would rather have one that says ETSY across the banner, or even better, my own.

Posted at 7:29am Oct 3, 2005 EDT

lemorgan says

There is a way to put your logo on your PayPal packing slip. When you go to print the packing slip, there is an edit button. On the next screen there is an option to enter the url for your logo (150x100 pixels). I haven't gotten the chance to get one on there yet, so I'm not sure how it all turns out.
I agree with you about the details page as packing slip. I use the email as well for folks who choose not to use PayPal.

Posted at 11:31am Oct 3, 2005 EDT

sudsappeal says

We use our own packing slips. I prefer to mark everything going out to my customer with my branding.

Giving another company's branding visibility & time with my customer base just doesn't make sense to me. I'd rather spend an extra 2 minutes and send out my own packing slip with an order. PayPal's ad budget is much bigger than mine, no need to give them additional eyeballs.

I hear ya' that a PayPal packing slip can be branded with my company information - but PayPal still gets visibility on that option.

Sorry, Etsy.

Posted at 2:47pm Oct 3, 2005 EDT

WhyNots says

Thanks Tikup! The PayPal slip will work just fine for me. I've been using PP for years. I don't know why I've never noticed it before!


Posted at 8:52pm Oct 3, 2005 EDT

We've been copying the info that is under the the items sold link and adding our logo and a short message to it in a Word file. It has the buyer name, the shop name, the item price and shipping price, the total, a small picture fo the item, and what date it was purchased. Plus our message that says thanks and gives our email and web addresses.

Posted at 12:27pm Oct 4, 2005 EDT

LivinLuxe says

i print my packing slip through paypal while i'm printing the shipping label at the same time.

Posted at 2:46pm Jun 13, 2009 EDT

I've received many items with the Etsy sale slip like Rokali mentions. That's plenty of info IMO. :)

Posted at 2:50pm Jun 13, 2009 EDT