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Now you can knit your own House of Lavene designer clothes! (N.B. The garments are also available to buy in our shop here on Etsy - Or a private commission, if you wish. Please feel free to,
Email me Anne Lavene at ; annelavene139 [!at] gmail.com

Visual Patterns, for Visual people.

Pattern number Six,The WHITSTABLE DRESS.

The pattern pack is 7 A4 pages long - and includes Anne Lavene's inspired and innovative DIAGRAMS that make it simple and clear to see how to create this beautiful garment.
Just changing the colours of the yarn used can create a completely different look, or cast on at the side of the skirt section ( indicated in the visual diagram ) for a closed front and back.

The Bodice is knitted sideways in one piece, from cuff to cuff, so with no shoulder seams the Whitstable Dress can be worn with the V ( pictured ) at the back, . . . . differant day . . . Differant Look !

Yarn used for this pattern as Pictured is ; Two 350 gram cone's of Yeomans Grigna plus Two strands of Yeomans Super Sheen ( one 400 gram cone super sheen - ask to have the cone split into = 2 X 200 gram cones. - So in total YOU need to use together = 0ne strand of Grigna + Two strands of super sheen.

I have also used, ' Yeomans 100% Cotton Slub CK2 for this design, which can only be purchased in natural cream, on many occasions for my clientele, then used a machine wash dye, once knitted.
Fabulous results !

For longer sleeves, or skirt length simply add more stitches or rows.

Measurements To fit up to a 40 inch bust - 39 inch waist - 40 inch bust. There is also a larger option in the diagram, of course if your measurements are less than 40inch bust, then the hem length will be longer.
The length of the dress really depends how much more ' fullness ' in between the measurements one puts in. I know for myself, I have thin then fatter weeks. . . . . I am just over five feet tall, the hemline falls just below my knees.

Now on YouTube The Keys to Pattern Symbols ; Key 1 & 2 - also - Key 3 & 4 - also Key 5 The Godet ( or shortened rows )

For the joining seam on the skirt and the bodice side seams - a , ' Latch tool ' cast off, will be to tight !

Watch YouTube Key 1 & 2 Key 2 Cast off Loosely.

Watch me Machine Knitting one of my designs ! - YouTube. The Patrixbourne Top. Actually the green dress I am wearing in the video is The Witstable Dress -

For those of you who like a tension swatch ( haven't even got a green ruler myself ) A fellow knitter gave me this information.
Using one strand of Grigna + Two strands of Super Sheen together.
Main Tension 8 - 7 stitches / 9.25 rows = 1 inch ; 28 stitches / 37 rows = 10cms

If Cotton Slub is your choice,
= 26 stitches to 10cm on T8 - 33 rows when washed, dried and steamed.

Simple Visual patterns, . . Watch . . . Learn my Visual format, l hope this helps you !

Happy Knitting.

Anne Lavene

Before you can download the pattern, you need to know that there are certain strict legal restrictions -We ask you to not copy, distribute or re-sell any of our pattern purchased either private or commercially, and it is expressly forbidden to knit or in any way use commercially the designs or pictures which you will have access to. Buyers agree that purchase of pattern is for there sole recreational use and for personal garments
By buying the pattern you are explicitly agreeing to abide by these restrictions, and any breach of these copyright restrictions will be treated seriously

A message from Anne Lavene:
"I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the House of Lavene Design Studio and to wish you a long and fruitful association with us.

As the name implies, the knitwear you will be producing is exclusive to the House of Lavene and buying this pattern means that you agree to refrain from using commercially the designs in any way.

Wishing you much success creating and wearing our designs."

YouTube - we have a number of videos on YouTube to help you master some of the common techniques used to machine knit our garments.

Pattern 6 - Whitstable Dress

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