Almost Sunday Designs: Modern Mobiles and Printed Goods

One of my hand made mobiles getting ready to be shipped off to its new home
You are My Sunshine print, featured in Pregnancy Magazine
Charlie, me and our two wild things.
Butterfly Mobile, photograph by Carrie Anne Castillo
Graphic Design Portfolio sampling

It's almost Sunday, I used to tell myself. My oasis in the week where I could create. Now Almost Sunday is my every day.

After growing up in Pennsylvania I moved to the Boston area, where I now live with my husband Charlie, two kids, Molly and Ben, and two cats, Franklin and Zoey. I have degrees in both Graphic Design and Fine Arts. Following several years working in the marketing field, I gave birth to my daughter, and decided it was time to stop reserving my crafty passions for Sunday afternoons and begin turning it into a potential business, one that I could do every day. Almost Sunday Designs started shortly after my daughter was born when I could not find a graphic mobile that really engaged her. And so I sat on my living room floor surrounded by my vast collection of papers and created my first mobile, which still hangs in her room four years later. I now have eight mobile designs as well as custom art prints, stationery and invitations. I have always loved art and have been creating for as long as I can remember. I lose all track of time when I am making something and it makes my soul very happy.
I attribute my own creativity to growing up in the 80s without much TV. Nature was my playground and it continues to inspire and influence my designs.
Owner, Designer

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