Boho wedding dresses, everyday attire and wool goods

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Boho wedding dresses, everyday attire and wool goods

Pau, Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes 3254 ventes Sur Etsy depuis 2010

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Dace Grinvalde


Annonce   Welcome to my shop!
We offer big variety of items including boho style clothing, wool felt slippers and rugs, accessories and much more. #DGstyleetsy


Dernière mise à jour le 10 déc. 2016

Welcome to my shop!
We offer big variety of items including boho style clothing, wool felt slippers and rugs, accessories and much more. #DGstyleetsy

Dace Grinvalde

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Dace Grinvalde

Coton lin gris pâle mélange haut à volants, à la main en lin teint doux
Maxi robe en lin rustique, pays et robe de mariée bohème
Blush rose slip soie, robe au genou longueur v décolleté
Robe en soie rose Blush, longueur aux genoux, chemise de nuit
Tunique imprimé de Jersey boho
Boho viscose imprimé robe, longueur genou, forme surdimensionné
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llwolcott le 15 févr. 2017

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I absolutely love this piece. Summer ready with a really flattering collar and pockets to sink into. Highly recommend this piece. It took about two weeks to arrive here in Calif.

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Elizabeth le 15 févr. 2017

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Absolutely love it... beautiful embroidery!

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thadeus zash

thadeus zash le 08 févr. 2017

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amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing

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This brown ombre 1,30m diameter rug is ready to ship, message me if you are interested. Can ship it immediately.

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Our favorite shot from the shoot. This skirt is affordable and more glamorous wedding dress alternative.

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More fresh linen goods are online, this smock style dress with long sleeves and pockets. This comfortable and cozy softness can be worn all year round.
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A propos

Making the dreams come true

I started out as a struggling textile design graduate, I was so passionate about fashion and art that I did everything I could to make it work. But mostly to take care of my kids. Knitted clothing to sell in art shops, economy was low in Latvia that time, but managed to overcome it with hard work. Time went by and I was able to open my own workshop and start making custom clothing for people and sometimes do collections for contests. I did that for 15 years. Also did a lot of interior design projects along the way, but got sick of the system, wanted to change something. I got bored, as most people do, I wanted to be able to what I want, I needed freedom.
So me and my daughter opened our Etsy shop on November 21, 2010. Thinking of making more money and showing the world what I am making.
We both have love for beautiful things and like to make some ourselves. At first it didn't go so well, but then the leggings trend started and I saw an opportunity. It went off from there, after a year of waiting, then gradually I started coming up with more styles and more products.
Now the shop is grown and only now, 5 years later, I can say I have my freedom. I am able to make things I really enjoy and people assess it. I am very glad and now my shop is my full income.
I managed to save up money and take a step closer to my dream - a house in South of France. I have been dreaming years now to move to France, and we took this risky step together with my daughter in June, 2015. Now we are selling our products on local markets and, of course, the world wide web. The beautiful nature surrounding us, inspires me to create more and more, so there something new coming out every month now.

Most of my clothing are limited edition and when the fabric is gone, it's gone. And as I am still a little business you can be sure that you won't see another girl with the same dress as yours. That is what I really enjoy about being small, I have unique products for unique people. Some items are only in one example, the thought that nobody else has this exact piece is very pleasing to me, so I sometimes wish to keep some of my clothing to myself, but most cases it's my daughter that gets the one-of-a-kind pieces, but we are both learning to let it go and please others. My daughter manages the shop and most of my social media, as it is so important nowadays. I try to keep up with it, but not too much.
All my products are made by hand or a sewing machine. And it makes me kind of sad to see people loosing the value of handmade.

I love my work, I wouldn't call it job, it's something I would do no matter of what. But it is always better to share your happiness with others and make them happy too. I am very glad to be working with people with the same mindset and taste as me, me and clients, we understand each other. And the respect and admiration I get from people astonished by the work I do gives me joy. So if you support me with nice messages in my inbox or purchases I will be very happy. And by doing that you are helping me achieve my dreams. Make your dreams come true too!
Lots of love,


Membres de la boutique

  • Dace Grinvalde

    Propriétaire, Fabricant, Designer, Curateur

    Graduated design school and professional photography class. Had 3 personal photography exhibitions. Won high awards in competitions. Love doing creative things and capture beautiful moments.

  • Paula Grinvalde

    Model, Manager

    Daughter with good English skills answering all questions, modelling clothing, managing shop.

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