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Annonce   nice that you come around! if you got any questions please let me know!

best wishes Nicole

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nice that you come around! if you got any questions please let me know!

best wishes Nicole

cupon code for purchases over 50€: DISCOUNTNIWE5


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Vintage Jewelery from over 70 years made & Designed in Germany

now over 4 generations, fashion jewelery is the main subject in my family

My greatgranparents (mother side) started in 1884 in Gablonz (Bohemia) and my greatgranparents (faher side) started in 1887 in Kelbra (Eastern germany) to work for the fashion jewelery industry.

One side got expeled of their homeland after the 2nd world war and stared again with nothing in South germany.

The others had to escape East germany before the Walls were closed. Just with some mother of pearl buttons hided in the Baby buggy.

Both familys came threwout friends or customers to Neugablonz in south germany and started all over.
One company produced glass beads and between the 70s and 80s they started to produce acrylic semifinised products.

The others worked till the Millenium with Mother of Pearl and Galalith sheets.

Both companys still exist today and work for the high end custom jewelery industry worldwide.

Till now i have access to Layouts, samples ideas collected in over 100 years. And even if i need an advice i ask my granmother :)

All pieces I show at my shop are handmade in the last 70 years from my grandparents. There are so many unique pieces that i want to show you!

Some pieces might miss a Strass stone or a needle, or even have to be polished. I do all these small Reparings. I even work with the old machines from the former times.

You will find in my shop a jewelery assortment of the last 70 years of the germany fashion industry.

All pieces were designed and made here in Germany!

Every piece is Unique what makes them even more charming

have fun browsing threw my stuff

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  • Nicole

    Propriétaire, Fabricant, Designer Curator

    Grown up in a small bavarian town studied and traveled a lot Lived in Spain for half a year! Eversince working in the jewelery buisness

  • Konny

    The Big Boss

    My shadow always around me, always lazy, and always telling me when its time to take a break ;)

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  • WeLoveBeads

    Kaufbeuren, Allemagne

    The company is dedicated since 5 generations on jewelery components. I am proud to be a part of it and to be able to work with all these beautifull stuff. All is produced in germany!

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yes i do sell to wholesalers!
please contact me directly


cupon code for purchases over 50€: DISCOUNTNIWE5

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