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Annonce   Did you see our Custom-made Penguin in the Greenpeace Campaign?

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Dernière mise à jour : 26 févr. 2018

Did you see our Custom-made Penguin in the Greenpeace Campaign?

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Wolfram Kampffmeyer

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Wolfram Kampffmeyer

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Folding for a living.

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The Paperwolf Ibex in a new photoshoot. Tested black Rock with clean white animal.
Time to plan your Christmas decoration! Why not use spray paint to make your Paperwolf sculptures gold, silver or bronze? Just print your bears on any heavy paper, glue and then spray!

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From Hobby to Profession

Working as Freelance Computer Animator, Wolfram Kampffmeyer lives with his wife and two little children in Stuttgart, Germany.
He loves bringing animals to life. Not only inside the computer.
His passion is creating new paper sculptures with lively expressions.
Since 2010 he creates new animals under his label Paperwolf. No matter if deer, lion, monkey or meerkat - there is nothing he can't design from paper. His paper zoo grew from year to year from a llittle idea up to a second profession.
Wolfram Kampffmeyer's zoo is loved world-wide and every year new animals join the zoo - always then when a new idea squeezes it's way out of his head, urging to the surface of reality.

His creations sand out due to their high but still foldable amount of detail. The line flow follows and emphasizes the anatomical features of the animal, each polygon is placed by hand with care.

This creates a style which is aswell modern as fitting to the medium paper. The result are animals which are room decoration, gifts, art and great calming projects for your leisure time! But also proud and animal-loving alternative trophies of your own creativity!

In 2014 the demand of his work increased so much he couldn't handle all orders on his own anymore. So in Spring 2015 Wolfram's friends founded "Paperwolf Productions GbR", which produces and ships the incoming orders since then.
Wolfram finally has free time again to free more animals from his head!

But a few important things still remain in his hands: Customer Service, Help if you struggle with assembly and custom orders.

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  • Paperwolf

    Owner, Maker, Designer

    I'm Wolfram Kampffmeyer. Born 1982. Studied Computer Animation. I'm creating virtual 3D make paper sculptures out of it. End of 2016 I've moved to Aach (Hegau) into my own little Villa Kunterbunt.

Partenaires de production

  • Stamp Maker

    Stuttgart, Allemagne

    My local stamp maker engraves my stamp motives out of rubber with his special laser cutter. I then separate the motives from the big rubber plate with small scissors.

  • Online Printing Service

    Backnang, Allemagne

    They print my postcard motives on postcard cardboard and send it via postal service to me.

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Dernière mise à jour : 10 déc. 2016
What glue do you recommend?

We recommend PRITT® Glue Stick. Many cheaper glue sticks won't hold together and will disappoint you. Also very handy is Bookbinder Glue which adheres very fast. So you'll need to work fast and precise - recommended if you have some experience with papercrafting.

How long does it take to assemble my Paper Sculpture?

Each paper sculpture takes different times to put together. This depends on your experience and on the complexity. Our Meerkat, which is one of the smaller papercraft kits, will take around 4 hours to put together. Deer 6 hours, Cow and Bear maybe 5 hours. Our most complex sculptures like Moose and Unicorn will take around 10-12 hours. If somebody helps you, you'll be finished much faster.
A rainy afternoon never was so much fun!

How do I hang it on the wall?

Each wall trophy comes with a small adhesive hanger similar to a stamp with a small metal hook. Wet it, press it on the back and wait for a couple of hours. In addition, the trophy has an opening on the backside. All you are going to need is a simple pin which you stick into your wall. Our paper sculptures weigh only a couple of hundred grams.

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Wolfram Kampffmeyer
Alter Turmweg 3