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Photyne is a jewelry brand, elegant, feminine and comfortable to wear.

Our collections are designed and handcrafted in France. They are “hand-sculpted” in pure white porcelain, with a delicate satin glaze on both sides, and adorned with beautiful fine gold patterns.
Their stylized geometric shapes –allusions to the architecture and symbols of ancient civilizations- match harmoniously the purity of white porcelain and gold.
Our jewels are a perfect balance between ancient and modern, simplicity and sophistication, for an elegant, unique, contemporary style.

A French heritage,

When Marco Polo traveled through China in the 13th century, he discovered a delicate, transparent type of ceramic unknown in the West. He called it “porcellana” after a white shell by the same name. This term quickly designated an art form that caused sensation in Europe and especially in France. The extensive palette of infinite possibilities that porcelain offers led to the development of an incomparable know-how, in particular within the renowned French Manufactures.
Today, porcelain remains an everyday luxury. It’s everywhere, from tableware, decorative objects and lighting to jewelry.

Because I’m passionate about excellence, I decided to entrust my creations only to the most expert hands. Therefore, my jewelry is made by the finest French craftsmen, keepers of a unique knowledge and “savoir-faire” envied around the world.
Ceramists, enamellers and jewelers interact and work together in my design studio, creating handmade pieces that symbolize my vision of French art-de-vivre. Thanks to the mastery of ancestral techniques and an eye for the slightest detail, from shaping to polishing, from enameling to the application of gold, each piece of jewelry is sublimed.
I love mixing raw and precious materials, combining the luxury of gold with the softness of porcelain.
I love combining styles and orchestrating the process of transforming simplicity into sophistication through stylish and timeless jewellery, every bit as unique as the women wearing them.

From raw material to jewellery…

The quality of our porcelain jewellery is based on the perfection of the successive operations that are performed. Each one depends on the previous and affects the next one. But it also lies in respecting the incompressible times needed for the shaping, drying and firing.
Limoges porcelain paste is made of three minerals (50% kaolin, 25% quartz and 25% feldspar) that are diluted in water, then ground, mixed, sifted and filtered. They are presented in slab form before being converted into pastes of varying liquidity (depending on the manufacturing technique).
After the pieces are hand shaped, the drying process begins. The time will vary from twenty four hours to sometimes a week for certain pieces!
Next, a delicate manual polishing ensures the removal of any imperfections before the pieces undergo a first firing at 1050°C! This firing hardens and dehydrates each piece, making it porous so that the glaze fixes itself to the surface.
For a smooth and shiny appearance each piece is hand dipped into a glaze slop (which is made of the same ingredients as porcelain paste, but in different proportions). Glazing is a very elaborate, manual technique which ensures an even thickness on the surface of each piece.
Pieces then undergo a second firing, at 1260°C, in order to vitrify the paste and the glaze. This increases the whiteness, translucency and hardness of the porcelain. It is during this firing that the pieces undergo significant shrinkage and reach their final size.
At this stage, each piece is individually checked and those with defects (such as stains, cracks, patches of missed glaze or deformations) are rejected. Only the most perfect are hand-painted with liquid gold by craftsmen of incredible precision and dexterity.
Finally, they undergo a third firing to finally become the central part of our creations.

Such is the long and intricate process in which the raw porcelain paste slowly metamorphoses into a unique and delicate piece of our collection… a jewellery collection emblematic of an exceptional French tradition and “savoir-faire”.

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Gold plated jewelry: The gold patina tends to disappear over time. It’s a normal phenomenon. However, it can be minimized by taking care of your jewelry. It is therefore advised to avoid its contact with perfumes and make-up and to remove your jewelry when sleeping, swimming or doing sports.
Porcelain jewelry: Porcelain jewelry is unique, as it is crafted and hand-painted with liquid gold. Although it is quite robust, protect it from falling and avoid bumping or scraping it as that may deteriorate its surface. It can be cleaned with soapy water, including the gold parts.
For all your jewelry: Store each piece of jewelry, individually, in a closed pouch.

Emballages et paquets cadeaux

Each piece of jewelry comes with a certificate bearing its serial number and wrapped in a lovely package ready for gifting.

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Please note that:

The photographs illustrating the products may slightly differ from reality due to lighting during the shots or screen settings.
Furthermore, as it concerns hand-crafted creations, the articles may present an uneven finishing, difference in size and/or color which cannot be considered to be defects.
The validity of the order cannot be affected by the above.
We expressly notify you that:
- The gold patina of gold plated jewelry tends to disappear over time or when in contact with cosmetics, perfumes, sweat, bleach etc...
- Although porcelain is quite robust, it must be protected from falling, bumping or scraping.
Therefore, we disclaim any liability for normal wear and tear of the goods or for any damage due to falling

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We work hard to ensure our jewelry will meet your expectations, but if you aren't satisfied with your purchase, please contact us.

Note that a return or exchange request must be made within 14 days after receipt of product(s).

The costs of returning the goods shall be borne by you. However, if the return is due to an error made by us we will reimburse them, in addition to the purchase price.

The below conditions must be respected:
- You will inform us of your intention to return the product within 14 days,
- it must not have been worn, changed, cleaned, or damaged,
- it must be returned in its original packaging,
- You will keep the certificate of postage safe as you will need it as a proof of return.

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