@Canin_Able truly IS #Millefiori2.0! Become Able Now!

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@Canin_Able truly IS #Millefiori2.0! Become Able Now!

Morinville, Canada 19 ventes Sur Etsy depuis 2008

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Wes Warren


Annonce   Bustin' out. All offers under-priced until too many people tell me so. (:


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Bustin' out. All offers under-priced until too many people tell me so. (:

Wes Warren

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Wes Warren


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Anonyme le 24 févr. 2010

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Absolutely fabulous necklace, thanks very much!

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Anonyme le 27 févr. 2009

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The beads are beautiful. Thanks for the extras. n

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All Products in the store are either made here, dreamed up here, or being done here.

Well over two decades of expertise and dedication. Put that to work for you by shopping early!

Please bookmark my new -and final- website, securely hosted and ready to reload all that past content!

(Yes, I was completely off line, except for FB for the last five years.

Depression'll really kill ya. But sometimes it makes us strong.


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If I look stupid for a week or two here, trust me, it's only ignorance. lol

I make impeccable goods, and have relegated all shipping matters to a person that LIKES DOING IT!! Your item is expertly made and shipped with care just a block from my new location.

When you see ONE END of a cane, it is the same as the other end. You will notice most canes are minutely registered for further inclusion(remaining upright) into your own canes. This contrasting line is very shallow, and can be scraped off.

If the clay is harder than FIMO CLASSIC in its fresh state, I will say so. Sometimes people don't mind harder canes, sometimes they freak, so if you see a hardness rating from 1-10, consider "5" to approximate fresh FIMO. That's what I use, and any exceptions will be noted.

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If your item gets roasted or scrunched, you'll be the first. All clay is custom wrapped and taped in parchment and supporting materials.

I wouldn't want a squashed cane either. I will ship a replacement, or I'll refund your money while the insurance stuff goes in whatever direction insurance stuff goes in... I can only imagine. But that's why we ship with care. I don't want to know either.
You know what to do! If you have any questions, then don't send the money until you're replied to. I LOVE dumb questions, because it proves how dumb I am for not pointing out the info.

The pic you see is the piece you will get. Always.
Insurance is optional. You will be billed for shipping, minus any discounts or considerations after your item departs. We recommend minimum of 'Parcel Post' treatment for tracking purposes, and insurance is included. Up to 500g(about a pound) reaches anywhere in Continental U.S. for about $7-8.00. Most of Europe, about $18.00.
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I've got high hopes for the "Alchemy" aspect of ETSY, but it's mostly hopes for OTHERS to help you with your needs on a more local basis. Uhhngh...It's a long story. Basically, I don't want to hang a shingle out for custom work until I've gotten things straight with my Canin' Able Development Group. We'll be pulling together what could amount to a Custom REVOLUTION(!!), and I don't wanna spoil their fun.

<em>And, "YES!", Canin' Able will be available on ETSY.</em>

But never say "never". If your custom job is in the 5-6 figures...I'M YER' GUY!