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Signature Photography

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Carlos and Carene


Announcement   Don´t forget to visit our PHOTOGRAPHY LAMPSHADE SHOP where you can find unique conversation pieces! …


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Don´t forget to visit our PHOTOGRAPHY LAMPSHADE SHOP where you can find unique conversation pieces! …

Carlos and Carene

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Carlos and Carene

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Imagine all the people...who have visited Strawberry Fields Memorial in NYC’s Central Park to pay tribute to John Lennon. We stumbled upon it taking a stroll around the park, and were pleasantly surprised to find such a peaceful and meditative spot.
The London Eye taking center stage over a soft-glowing and cloudy sky, so characteristic of a wintry afternoon in London.
Photographs of vintage Ford, Studebaker and Volkswagen cars were taken in different parts of the United States, but together they make a cool wall display.
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A propos

It´s all in the details….

Carlos & Carene met taking pictures and taking pictures they noticed they had the same artistic sensibility.

He is a photographer obsessed with capturing and isolating mundane details that would otherwise go unnoticed and making them the protagonist of his work.

She´s a firm believer in that the details are not the details, they make the design, as Charles Eames well said. That is why, in her practice as an interior designer, a project is never finished until the last detail is taken care of.

Their continued collaboration in past projects led to the realization that together they were stronger and more creative. Today, within Chromatica, Carene designs and stages; Carlos composes and captures.

On Etsy they offer two product lines: Signature Photography in its traditional form and Lampshade Design redefined as a conversation piece (shop featured here...

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Care instructions

・ Make sure to have clean hands and a clean work area.
・ Keep food and drinks away.
・ When picking up a photograph always use both hands and make sure the back of the print is supported so it does not bend.

Display and Storage:
・ Prints should be mounted and framed using acid-free mats so as to prevent the print from touching the glass.
・ Avoid dry-mounting the prints.
・ Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or ultraviolet lights. Many fluorescent tube lamps give off ultraviolet light so filters should be used in such cases.
・ Try to avoid extremes of heat and humidity. Keep them out of damp basements and hot attics.

Sizing details

The dimensions in our listings always refer to the size of the paper. This is to make it easier for buyers to know the minimum frame size needed. For example, an 8x10 print will fit perfectly into an 8x10 frame with or without a white border.

White Borders:
If you choose "No Border", the image will be 'full bleed', meaning that the image will be the same size as the paper (this usually means the image will be adjusted to fit paper size).
If you choose "White Border", the image will be slightly smaller than the paper, and it will have a 1/4" white border around it on all sides.

Feel free to contact us if you want to see an artwork preview before purchase.

Custom and personalized orders

Please convo us with your inquiries and we'll do our best to meet your needs.

Don´t forget to visit our PHOTOGRAPHY LAMPSHADE SHOP....

...where you can find unique conversation pieces!

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Carlos & Carene Perez