Vintage styles for 2018 in XS to Plus sizes

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Vintage styles for 2018 in XS to Plus sizes

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Sara Pybus

Sara Pybus le 19 févr. 2018

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The dress is exactly as described and arrived in perfect shape. Thank you!

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Jude Cisneros

Jude Cisneros le 22 janv. 2018

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This dress is amazing!!! Thank you so much for your fast service, too!

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Welcome to Conservation Clothing for fine vintage apparel from sizes XSmall to plus sizes large. Conservation Clothing is all about looking fab while helping to keep Mother Earth cool from global warming by reusing--recycling--blast from the past garments from the super-chic periods gone by. I also run that sells seasonal books, home goods and handbags. Thanks for visiting this shop.

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Etant donnée la nature de ces articles, à moins qu'ils n'arrivent endommagés ou défectueux, je ne peux pas accepter les retours pour :
  • Commandes sur mesure ou personnalisées
  • Produits périssables (aliments ou fleurs par exemple)
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  • Articles intimes (pour des raisons de santé/d'hygiène)
If Item Not Yet Shipped -- If item hasn't been shipped out yet upon purchase, and this shop learns in time (before shipment made) from buyer that they no longer want the item, this shop may fully reimburse.

Once item is shipped out: Though all these sales are considered final, however I do review individual cases if something major was missed, if gross misrepresentation has occurred. If buyer is unhappy with item received buyer must contact this shop within 3 working days upon receipt, and if applicable, mail back the item 1 to 2 days after. Customer MUST keep postal receipt with tracking number on it for our reference.

If the item came with store tags attached to it, as mentioned in listing, those store tags should still be attached. This is important since "Like New With Tags" vintage merchandise often is more valuable to consumers, and therefore sells for more.

After receiving back the item, I the seller(this shop) may reimburse minus the mail costs already paid out, and the fee money Paypal takes. Paypal may impose fees upon the sale, and even if they give some back upon a return, they then charge a refund fee. If the item was mailed out by this shop, then Conservation Clothing also does not refund for the money already spent towards ship-to costs for mailing to customer.

Note often this store's Ship-To price is projected because the post office cost varies based on weight & distance, and can go up any time. If customer’s distance is farther to mail back to I the seller it may be a few more dollars more for buyer to mail than what I the seller have listed as a shipping price.

A returned item must be returned in protective packaging so item doesn't get wet / ruined. It must be returned to address of this seller, Conservation Clothing, at address provided by this seller. Buyer must keep the Postal receipt that has the tracking number when returning an item. If Post Office is not used, buyer must save whatever track number shipper has given for the item and if seller does not receive package, buyer should be able to provide that track number.

Conservation Clothing (this shop) is not responsible for future repairs or upkeep of the items / garments sold. Customers should realize that older fabrics and threads are old with no way of knowing how long something will last. Conservation Clothing does not list anything viewed to be on the verge of falling apart (high quality is of great importance) however, this shop cannot determine how long an item / garment will last. Also customer is responsible for learning how to best care for his or her garments, as certain modern methods of cleaning might not be suitable for older garments.
All items for sale in this shop, Conservation Clothing, are Pre-Used unless noted otherwise.

I usually ship upon payment unless there is an issue such as the issues mentioned below...

Bulk sales of more than 2 items is to be with Signature Confirmation Delivery.

Currently most business is done through PAYPAL: Please pay for your order immediately (through PayPal) since I cannot ship your order until payment has cleared.
If your payment is not received within 24 hours of placing the order, I reserve the right to cancel the transaction and relist the item.
I currently do not accept deposits to hold items.

For overseas and international buyers living outside of the USA, due to Paypal's new seller protection rules, in certain cases I may require an international customer’s payment of postal confirmation delivery that is usually around $10 extra. However, if an international buyer is in good standing with a lot of excellent, positive feedback, I most likely may disregard this rule. But for buyers new to etsy with zero feedback, I may require they pay for international postal delivery confirmation due to the new Paypal seller protection rules.
Furthermore this shop, when it does do airmail, only does regular Parcel Post. Not Priority, Express, FedX or any other expediting faster service.

Money Orders:
In rare cases I the seller accepts money orders if customer has what I would decide to be feedback in good standing. Only accepting a genuine US Post Office money order. You would need to cart the item first, but don't go through the paypal steps.
Once it is carted, you will get my name & address. I ask that the money order be mailed out within 2 days of carting the item.
The money order amount should be the exact amount due that would include shipping etsy's invoice may show this full amount.
If the money order isn't received 5 days after the item is carted, the sale will be canceled.
Note Only for Customers Who Want Packages To Ship To Addresses Not Registered With Paypal: Due to Paypal’s new seller protection rules, this shop only mails out to addresses on Paypal receipts so if you need this item sent to a different address than the one you have registered with Paypal, then please enter the other address /shipping instructions when purchasing – Paypal gives you a place to type it. If you do not know how to do this please call up Paypal BEFORE buying. If a buyer does not do this, yet still asks for the package to go to a different address, Conservation Clothing will refund, giving the seller the opportunity to re-type, however, that will mean Conservation Clothing will have had to pay a transaction and refund fee to Paypal for nothing, so please do it right the first time. Thanks!

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS -- REGARDING Shipping with Tracking Services -- If you want tracking I must know before or upon purchase of an item. The tracking usually may cost about $10 or more US dollars for foreign tracking.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS -- REGARDING CUSTOMS FEE / TAXES, ETC: Your country expects you its citizen to be aware of its laws. This little shop cannot hire an imports lawyer to keep up with every customs law or tax law going on in the world. And such laws / rate may go up any time. This US based shop is Not responsible for any fees / taxes your customs, postal service, or any other government entity might impose / charge you. Also, please note actually shipping charges may be more than what has been posted on your etsy and/or paypal receipt -- post office prices go up here all the time and I don't have every second of the day to update. If the prices are more, this shop will pay the difference in the cost at the Post Office. But in case your land has a law regarding shipping price costs, be aware the shipping may be more than expected. I advise all foreign customers that if this is an issue to please contact me through my etsy shop BEFOR purchasing so I am aware of any concerns. Please do not use the email address on the receipt - it's best to alway contact this shop through the etsy conversations site page. If for any reason the item mails out -- once it goes out, it's out towards the customer. Thanks!
Unless postings specify Priority, packages will be sent Parcel Post unless I'm informed upon purchase, and sent the difference in extra cost towards Priority Mail (that in the US takes 3 to 4 days) or Overnight shipping. It's best to send me a note & await my response. However, if a package is small and light weight, it may go First Class Mail or First Class Parcel Post.Thanks!

For all potential customers within the USA and outside of the USA: if a potential customer wants an item to go to an address not registered with his or her Paypal account that may be fine, however, he or she must put that other address on the Paypal receipt when purchasing – Paypal allows you to type in special instructions during checkout.
Customer may contact Paypal before purchase if unsure how to do that. Otherwise, I the seller might have to reimburse the buyer and possibly allow he or she to do it over again that may result in I the seller will getting fees by Paypal for the cancelled transaction because Paypal charges a fee to a seller when an item is purchased, and they charge a 2nd fee during reimbursement. Thanks for being understanding of this.

I am willing to do overnight shipping if it is possible since the US Post doesn't do overnight for all parts of the USA, especially in hard-to-reach, very out-of-the way places. (read more below).
I do not have buyers' couriers come to my location for pick ups - I send packages out myself.
If you need an item shipped pronto to arrive right away, please convo me WITH YOUR ZIP CODE or country name before purchasing so I may set up the revised shipping price for 1-2 day arrivals. In this unpredictable world, I do not guarantee arrival times but I certainly try and have always made sure items go out fast and arrive ASAP.
I ship upon payment and take very special care in making sure your items are securely packaged to intend safe delivery. If you do not receive your item within 2 weeks (U.S.) please contact me in writing via email.
"Shipping" includes / entails the price of the postage itself in conjunction with the price of the packaging and transport. It usually takes me a half hour and sometimes even a whole hour to package and I do not charge for that time. My charges come from things like packing tape that I use A LOT of and costs around $6-7 a roll and I often use up that one $6 tape roll after just 5-6 (if I'm lucky) packages. Therefore it can cost me .75 cents to 1.00 in just tape. Other items, if not recycled, that I may buy are bubble wrap and envelopes that I'd like to get from local shop owners for 50 cents or so that they're cheaper for you and recycled. Depending on gas prices its .25 cents or more for gas since I don't live near a post office.
The only time my shipping may be more of an expense is if I need to use registered mail (on say a rare item). Registered mail in the US costs only $3. For Canada it's $10.
For Americans in the US, I usually ship via the US Post Office, often via PARCEL POST. Parcel Post may take anywhere from 2-7 days, depending on how far away you live so if you need Priority instead please convo me before purchase (as stated above) or if you already have purchased, please state you wish at time of purchase and I will see if a fast shipment is possible.

I usually do Confirmation Delivery or Signature Confirmation Delivery with tracking for American packages.

Sometimes this shop may do Free Shipping as a promotion for either all items or certain items.

Lastly, I do not ship to all countries if their customs do not accept the item. If a country's postal system is extremely slow, I will not ship to that country either. Such countries may include Russia, Eastern Europe, etc. If a person from these lands purchases from this shop he/she shall be reimbursed.

Thank you so much!
Autres conditions et FAQ
1.I also run where you'll see on the homepage that my Feedback rating is excellent.

2. Sometimes a buyer is new to etsy and may not have a paypal account yet or some other issue causing a delay in purchase where the item has been picked into the cart but no paypal transaction has occurred. I often might hold that item for that potential customer but when I stop holding it for the potential purchaser, the holding time may depend on different factors, although usually I do not hold an item longer than a week, or week and a half. In some cases I may only hold a few days, depending on whether I sense if the potential purchaser is still interested. This is done as a courtesy only.

3. Sometimes clothing comes with jewelry attached. If I am not sure if the accessory that's part of the garment abides by a state law, I have the right to refund customer for garment.