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3D Printing by Muckychris

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Chris Milnes

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I see 3D printing as new artistic medium as well as a manufacturing platform. I haven't slept in 8 months.

“There's a way to do it better - find it.”
-Thomas A. Edison

Gathering his children’s LEGO® set Milnes’ imagination brought him to the prototype for what has come to be known as his first, but not last, patented product- The Helper For Square™, a unique phone and tablet accessory designed to securely support the Square Card Reader™. The Helper For Square™ fits all iPhones, iPads and many Android devices. “I am not an inventor by trade, I’ve invented things out of organic necessity,” Milnes clearly states.

Traditional methods of mass manufacturing, specifically the process of injection molding, can be very expensive and take months to negotiate. The idea of sending more jobs away from the United States also made him uneasy. There must be another way he insisted.

What happened next would be Milnes’ ticket into the new world of “pro-sumer” 3D printing. While seeking options, he stumbled upon MakerBot®, a product conceived and manufactured proudly in Brooklyn, New York using the very latest 3D printing technology. Milnes purchased a MakerBot® Replicator 2™ and literally overnight began pumping out hundreds of retail ready pieces out of his home office. With some guerilla marketing, and a lot of luck, a new business was born.

“Chris you are a trailblazer and The Helper for Square is an amazing beginning. Full steam ahead! Go!” - Bre Pettis, Inventor and CEO of Makerbot Industries

Shared by many before him, Milnes’ story is woven from the threads of ingenuity and achievement. He continues to march to the beat of his own drum with the common goal of making things, and life, better for all.

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    “There's a better way - find it.” -Thomas A. Edison

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