art for sustenance // original linocut prints

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art for sustenance // original linocut prints

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Erin Jorgensen


Erin Jorgensen

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Erin Jorgensen

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Susan L. Farmer

Susan L. Farmer le 19 avril 2018

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Very pretty! The artist sent it immediately and nicely Packaged.

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Hayley Guyer

Hayley Guyer le 16 avril 2018

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Love it! Fast, safe shipping and looks so nice in my living room. Thank you!

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koskovichm le 15 avril 2018

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Great product, terrific seller with great communication! Thank you.

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heart unfurling

I am an artist living in the La Crosse area, currently focusing on relief printmaking. I studied art at Luther College and have continued making prints in my home studio since then.

Relief printmaking has always held some magic for me. It allows for controlled and detailed work, but there is always an element of surprise and unpredictability when a newly carved block is printed and the image is reversed, with the negative space turned into positive. My prints are made by carving a design into a flat block of linoleum, inking the raised surface, pressing paper onto it, and pulling the paper off to reveal the carved image in reverse. The process can be very simple, like using a stamp, or it can be very complex, involving multiple blocks and colors and burnishing methods. I use my hands and a hand-held burnishing tool to press the paper against the block, instead of using a mechanical press. My prints are mostly open-edition, meaning I don't set a limit to how many prints I will make from a carved block. This has given me some freedom to experiment with different colors and papers, revisit old imagery in new ways, and sell prints on demand.

Before carving a linoleum block, I usually start with a drawing. I draw either on paper or directly on the block and let it evolve from there. I work with it until it makes a successful image or conveys the feeling or concept that I am looking for. If it's not successful as a whole, I look for successful elements or reference points from which to build. I am very process-oriented. When creating imagery, I usually decide what to do along the way, rather than plan it all out from the start. My imagery is imaginative and intuitive, but also borrows heavily from observations of the natural world. The images in my prints and drawings are influenced by my environment and community as much as by my own imagination. Artwork is communication with the world around me and a way to touch upon the profound aspects of everyday life.

Locally, you can find my prints at Nisse House of Art in Westby, Wisconsin and at People's Food Coop in La Crosse. I occasionally have a presence at regional art fairs. As I settle into my home studio and build healthy art practices, my goal is to have more work accessible locally and online.

Read my recent interview with Driftward Press:

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  • Erin

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    I live in the beautiful Driftless region of the Midwest. I started to learn block printmaking as an art major at Luther College in Iowa, and have been self-teaching since then.

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