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Message du vendeur Our shop is closed until Thursday, April 26th. All orders placed will be completed and mailed by SATURDAY, APRIL 21ST!!!

Message du vendeur

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Our shop is closed until Thursday, April 26th. All orders placed will be completed and mailed by SATURDAY, APRIL 21ST!!!


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rjsayles le 21 avril 2018

5 étoiles sur 5

One of my favorite items. I even use this after applying lotion. Keeps my skin soft with the bakery scents I love.

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rjsayles le 21 avril 2018

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marshmallow scent is yummy. adorable powder container. Will need this with hot summer days coming, sprinkle inside my shoes to absorb sweat.

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girliegurl1 le 21 avril 2018

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Thank you Heather! As always your communication and customer service is top notch! Love your gossamer perfumes and argan hair shine sprays! Gourmand Lemon...yummy!! Perfect warm weather scent❤

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jody48323 le 21 avril 2018

5 étoiles sur 5

Smells amazing! Love it!

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Bringing great body products at prices that everyone can afford!

I am a registered nurse that decided I'd rather work from home than a hospital. I have always loved smelly, fabulous bath and body items, but started looking at healthier alternatives since expecting. I stumbled across recipes and started to make items for myself, which quickly lead to a small business.

I am the Queen Bee at Queen Bee Apothecary, LLC. I do it all by myself and love every minute of it. I hand mix every single item when ordered, there is no one item that sits on the shelf waiting to sell so that you get a super fresh product!

The business has grown leaps and bounds over the last 2 years thanks to etsy, my faithful customers and TONS of hard work. My shop is located on our property in rural North Carolina--- I am surrounded by green pastures full of cattle, ponds and clean, fresh air. It's a blessing to be able to walk down my patio to go to work!

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  • Heather

    Propriétaire, Fabricant, Designer

    A true down home southern gal!

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******Welcome to Queen Bee Apothecary, LLC ******

Monday - Friday 8AM-5PM, Closed on all postal holidays.

The statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). Our products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

Our oils are purchased from phthalate free sources

◘◘◘◘◘◘◘MASCULINE SCENTS◘◘◘◘◘◘◘
AQUATICA- masculine, marine scent. salty air, sweet watery, lavender, woods
BLACK SAILS- dark woodsy, labdanum,exotic spice, sandalwood, patchouli, jasmine, grapefruit, vetiver, incense, cedar & pink pepper
BRANDO- aromatic woodsy, mix of clean & fresh, spicy & warm = perfection
BROKEN ARROW- tobacco,spices, woods, rose, osmanthus, oud, juniper, amber
BULL'S HEAD- rosewood & cedar, spicy clove, vetiver & dark amber.
BLACK ROYALE- sweet, youthful masculine - spice, citrus, leather
BAY RUM - Old Fashioned style, spicy bay laurel, orange, mixed spice, anise
BOURBON & BRANCH- Manly, loud & brash. woods, musk, spice, bourbon, fruits
BIG MAN'S HAT- -masculine, myrrh, patchouli, incense, oakmoss
CERULEAN LIME -fresh, salty lime in a warm, woodsy base
CIGAR SHOP - mixed tobaccos, woody notes, sweetened with light cherry ends
DISTILLERY - aromatic masculine scent, freshly spiced, bourbon & oak
DEADWOOD SALOON- sweet cedar barn wood & smoky gunpowder
DILLINGER-heavy, masculine, rich & warm oud, citrus, rosemary, agar & vetiver
FLANNEL- Tropical coconut, teakwood, tonka bean, dark ​amber & vanilla musk
HIPSTER - mod masculine- Amber, teak, coffee, musk, cedar, leather, neroli, vetiver
HIGHLAND FORREST -artemisia, citrus, nutmeg, cedar, tonka & vetiver musk.
HELLISH STONES - -strong,spicy, sweet & masculine
HEART OF OUDH--iris, sandalwood, olibanum, agarwood, cedar
ISLE OF GOATHORN--smoky/sexy taragon, basil, licorice, seaweed
IRISH TWEEDS-classic Fougere, rich fresh & sporty
LUMBERJACK- rugged tobacco, sweet fruit & floral, woods & spice in the base
MEMPHIS - sensual, spiced scent. Coffee, vetiver and incense.
NATHANIEL – poetic – w/ apple peel, cinnamon, spices, leather, sweet wood base
NAVY-woody, balsamic, spicy & smoky
OPUS- pepper, cardamom, clove, mandarin, leather, frankincense & woods
OLD HAVANA - a gourmand interpretation of a Havana cigar shop
RUST- pepper, anise, lavender, vetiver, woods, spice - masculine
SWANK - spicy, rich, warm woody. Lime, pineapple, moss, musk, woods & amber
SWEET BLUE compare to BLUE SUGAR – sweetly masculine
SEQUOIA- masculine, refreshing, woodsy, mossy, balanced floral, oak scent
SO F*CKING FAB- c/t TF scent. aromatic, bitter almond, tonka, orris, leather, sage
SMUGGLERS - so good - unisex, mostly woodsy with lemongrass
TOBACCO + VANILLA - c/t TF scent
TUSCAN CYPRESS-cypress, mint, citrus, basil, woods
TOBACCO + BAY - bay leaf, fir needle, cedar, bergamot & warm tobacco base
TEAK & CARDAMOM-teakwood, rich spices, woods, and patchouli
VETIVER IN GRAY - dominant vetiver, salty notes, sunny, woody accords
WOODEN SHIPS -leather, violet, cardamom, jasmine sambac, oakmoss patchouli
WOOD + OUD - woodsy & warm, lightly spiced


◘◘◘◘◘◘◘LIMITED EDITIONS◘◘◘◘◘◘◘
THUNDER- green fig,tobacco leaf, powdery, gardenia, wisteria, pear, vanilla
DIVALICIOUS- fruity, nutty, gourmand delight - added Stout notes
SOUTH BEACH-an awesome fruity concoction...like tropical flowers, fruits and sweet, sugary musky notes. Sweet, sexy and fun!
GOURMAND LEMON- refreshing clean lemon, bubbling bakery notes, sugar
PRIMA-intoxicating. bold femme, sweet pea, waterlily, white amber & slightly powdery tonka vanilla. Rich and sensuous.
CACAO CREME-buttery, rich cocoa, dark coconut, citrus, sugared hazelnuts
EDEN - Modern femme. Frozen fruits, bold cashmere woods, powdery vanilla
TAINTED LOVE -amazingly fruity, deep & sensual


BUTT NAKED- Juicy melons, apples & pears. Cult classic.
COCONUT BOURBON - sweet, tropical coconut cut with deep, rich bourbon
FIJI - a tropical oasis of pineapple, guava, melon
PINEAPPLE CILANTRO - fresh & sweet, with a hint of fresh earthiness
PINK ELEPHANT -melon, kiwi, mandarin, cherry, cassis, sugared musk & apricot.
SUN TAN – just like oiling up with Hawaiian sun tan oil
THAI COCONUT - tropical with Thai flair, less sweet than typical tropical
TROPICAL WOODS- Creme de cocoa, banana, Irish Creme, sandalwood & nutmeg

ALMOND CRÈME – intense almond with a hint of cream & cherry
BUTTERCREAM - pure, rich cake frosting
BLACK CHERRY WINE - sweet & fruity with a grown up twist
BUTTERED SCOTCH - sweet, gourmand scent. Buttery and rich.
BLACKBERRY MAGNOLIA - sweet & delicious!
COCONUT TOBACCO - sweet, tropical & rich - tobacco blends, coconut
CARMALITA- Rum cream, coconut milk, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla
CANDIED VANILLE-Sweet & creamy vanilla bean, sugar & white musk
COFFEE HOUSE -coffee beans, brewed coffee, rum, brandy, brown sugar & cocoa
CHERRIES ON TOP - Rich & dark black cherries
CUCUMBER - fresh and clean. watery and green
DARK CHOCOLATE – rich & velvety dark chocolate with vanilla extract
GEORGIA PEACH - sweet, juicy fresh southern peaches
HONEY + APPLE - delicious sweet apples with floral honey
HAZELNUT - Warm & Rich hazelnut
HONEY CHILD-pear, citrus, punch, honeysuckle, peach; honey, vanilla, woods.
HONEY B- delicious, sweet floral honey. Heavy scent
I LOVE CAKE- super sweet, bakery delight, buttery with triple vanilla frosting
LICK ME ALL OVER -raspberry, melons, jasmine, violet, grapefruit and kumquat
MOCHA LATTE- super rich, dark coffee and chocolate
MARSHMALLOW BOMB- sugary marshmallow + sweet white cake
PLUM CRAZY - sweet sugarplums, frosting & sprinkles
PEPPERMINT CREME - zesty peppermint with sweet, rich buttercream
PUMPKIN PECAN WAFFLES - delicious! nutty, sweet & rich scent
SWEET MILK - creamy, richly milky delight
SWEET TEA- sugary tea with citrus twist
STRAWBERRY – sweet, fresh strawberry scent
SINGED MARSHMALLOW - marshmallows roasted by the camp fire
TEA HOUSE - Earl Grey tea, black teas, chamomile, ginger root, dried pears, crisp apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, anise, vanilla & cognac
TUPELO HONEY - the gold standard - ogeche blossom honey
VANILLA BOURBON- rich bourbon sweetened with vanilla absolute
VANILLA NOIR - hypnotic blend of dark vanilla bean, black amber & exotic spices
VANILLA MUSE- sweet, rich, sinful - frosting, vanilla & creme brûlée
VANILLA SUGAR BOMB – triple show of vanillas with sweet light musk in the base
WHISKEY SUGAR (unisex)-sweet Tennessee whiskey, singed sugar

AUTUMN MUMS- crisp floral, fall air, carnation, marigold, twigs, leaves & earth.
BOURBON + PUMPKIN - delish, fall scent
CARNIVAL-like a fall time fair, candied apples, kettle corn, cotton candy
DECK THE HALLS- mulled fruits & spices with mixed Christmas tree types
FROSTED WINTER BERRY-creamy, spicy, berry, amber, vanilla spice. caramel sugar
OAK CIDER - delicious fall apple cider cured in oak barrels
PUMPKIN + FIG - rich, woodsy, fall inspired, fig, dried pumpkin, dry leaves
PUMPKIN CREME- pumpkin puree, buttered rum, spices, creamy, sugary vanilla
PINK CHRISTMAS- Dark pomegranates & fresh berry, hint of peppermint & French Vanilla-- sweet and fresh, sparkly & twinkly
SUGARED SNOW- lightly sweet, frosty and freshly clean holiday scent
SWEET AUTUMN - sweet pumpkin flesh, cranberry, orange & light spice with woods
SOUTHERN HARVEST- warm, spicy pumpkin, orange peel, rum, nutmeg, clove, cassia, allspice, malted vanilla, and a woody, cinnamon bark
SANTA BABY - The whole holiday in one. lush balsam fir, freshly baked sugar cookies and delicate seasonal spice. It's perfect!
TRICK OR TREAT-pumpkin, persimmon, apple; berry, currants, orange, cinnamon; sugar cane & vanilla
VICTORIAN PINES-mulled fruit, holly, spice, fir & cypress & musky dry down
WINTER SPICE - pine, apples and cinnamon, bayberry, holly, and a hint of vanilla

AVOCADO & SEA SALT - grapefruit, rose, sea salt & avocado. Zesty & fresh
ALMOND BLOSSOM - warm, sweet, nutty
BLACK AMBER LAVENDER- dark amber, lavender, Myrrh, Tonka, Egyptian Musk
BABY BEE - sweet, delicate fruits, honey & nuts. Mild, warm scent.
BERGAMOT - gorgeous, upscale citrus
BABY FRESH – sweet, super powdery, clean fresh baby powder & lotion
CARDAMOM, CEDAR & ROSE- fresh, relaxing, serene
CANNABIS FLOWER-fern, cannabis, floral, cashmere woods, musk & amber
CHE BELLA - sweet, delicious modern floral
DAISY MAE-modern sweet floral with velvety woods and light musk base
FRESH-spa-like aquatics with white floral- spa like scent
FRESH GRASS- so clean and green, fresh & glorious
HONEY LALA- perfumy honey, light rose and beeswax
HONEYSUCKLE – sweet nectar from the honeysuckle blossom, southern treat
HONEY LAVENDER - fresh sweet honey and provencal lavender
HYPNOTIZED - Sweet/unique. Passion flower, vanilla orchid, Vetiver, Jasmine
HONEY HUSH- orange, berry, neroli, Arabian jasmine, patchouli, honey & amber
HOT MESS-mod floral, bergamot, violet, white floral notes, woods & vetiver
IRISH SPRING-classic clean, fresh & soapy scent
ICECAPS-menthol, peppermint & eucaluptus
JASMINE-fresh jasmine on a bed of rose petals
LEMON VERBENA - citric freshness with sharp verbena, bright & clean
MAGNOLIA BELLE -dry, clean magnolia scent
NEROLI BLOSSOM - pure and robust
OCEANIC - salty, fresh & clear aquatic, with ozone and white flowers
RUBY ROSE - deep, dark red rose petals.
SHAMROCKS- carnations, roses, clover & a wee hint of star anise, musk & twigs
SUGAR MAGNOLIA-southern magnolia stars with sweet florals, white musk & vanilla
VIOLET CANDY - sweet violet, french vanilla & soft musk
WISTERIA LANE -this smells divine - fresh floral blend, clean and refreshing!

AMBER WHITE-clean soft amber, slight woodiness, light & unique
ABSINTHE NOUVEAU- a new twist on an age old scent. Citrus, white jasmine& sensual musk. Not to be mistaken for true Olde Absinthe.
BURLESQUE-deep & sensual- gourmand blend of salted vanilla, sandalwood & cashmere with iris & white jasmine
BOURBON STREET - A mix of romance, brashness & sensuality - Soft cashmere with jasmine shimmy with blonde wood, rare amber, & sexy musk.
BAYOU- cedar, sandalwood, moss, citrus, clove
CEDAR SAGE + BLACKBERRY -fresh sage, cedar & sweet, dark blackberry
CHOCOLATE + AMBER - sandalwood, musk, amber, jasmine, cocoa
CLARITY - scents o' the outdoors - Clean, fresh wooded paths, fresh greens, florals & aquatics converge in this scent of clear mindedness, serenity and peace
CABARET- dark sweetness-vanilla, pink pepper, orange blooms, jasmine, white patchouli & gloriously warm coffee infused wood
CASHMERE BLONDE- vanilla, woods, patchouli, musk, floral, apricot & coconut
CRACKLING FIREWOOD -pine, balsam, bergamot; florals, sandalwood, patchouli
DRAGON'S BREATH-nag champa, vanilla, heliotrope. Earthy & rich, resinous
EGYPTIAN AMBER-vanilla, musk, sandalwood with light jasmine
EGYPTIAN MUSK – clean and lightly sweet musk
FLOWER CHILD- Exotic patchouli, raspberry, strawberry, bergamot, Vanilla
HAWAIIAN SANDALWOOD (unisex)- sweetest of all sandalwoodsI
INTO THE FOREST - freshly cut fir, pine, cedar
KARMA SUTRA-sensual, musky, woody- deliciously fabulous
MADAME LARUE - super sexy scent, deep mix of cardamom, Sage, Cinnamon with Cognac, Honey, Rose, Patchouli, Leather, Sandalwood & Amberette.
PURPLE SANDALWOOD- Sandalwood, violets,cashmere woods, lavender vanilla
SLEEPY HOLLOW-haunting – vines, dark woods, aged bark, moist lichen & resin
SOUTHERN BELLE-Fresh lavender, coconut milk, spun sugar & light, vanilla whipped cream. This is so sweet, just like a southern belle! At first you get a lavender vanilla blast, but as it dries down a bit the layered sugars & decadent sweetness emerges.
SASSY - warm amber, creamy sandalwood sweetened with white flowers
VOLUPTUOUS - powdery, sensual scent- musks, vanilla, and sandalwood
WHITE VELVET - flirty feminine, lightly sweet, sensual. Jasmine, poppy, poinsettia, mixed velvety musk


DESIGNER TYPE SCENTS(Please note that these are interpretations of the original scents. The scents listed below are not the original designer/manufacturer's scents)

Compare to Aveda® Scents
SHAMPURISTA -rose, lavender, jasmine, ylang & patchouli

Compare to Armani® Scents
GIOIANA-clean, bold oceanic
IDOL- freshly spiced, fruity scent . Unique
C/T to SI

Compare to BBW Scents
EUCALYPTUS TEA - c/t STRESS FREE clean & herbal, relaxing scent

Compare to Chanel® Scents
•MADAM COCO -citrus, florals, tonka, patchouli, opoponax, vanilla, vetiver, musk
•NOIRE D'COCO--baroque balsamic, citrus, floral, patchoui, frankincense
•N.5 -classic fem, powdery floral, warming base notes

Compare to Guerlain® Scents
•c/t MAHORE- florals, greens, ylang, neroli, sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver
•c/t SHALIMAR LIGHT -fresher, citrus powdery scent

Compare to Hermes® Scents
•FRENCHMEN - woodsy citrus dominates with spicy pepper & vetiver
•c/t AMBRE NARGUILE-Unisex. fruited amber honey, blonde tobacco

Compare to J. Malone® Scents
•BAY & BLACKBERRY - grapefruit, floral notes, vetiver, cedar, blackberry and bay leaf.
•MOSS & PEONY - peony, rose, green Ivy. More fresh, green than floral. Unique
•ORANGE BLOSSOM -orange blossom, lily, clementine
•OUD & VELVETY ROSE-damask rose, oud, praline & clove. Sweet & milky
•ROSE RED-citrus, violet leaf, bulgarian rose & beeswax

Compare to L$H Scents

AURORA-cypress, pine, citrus blend, light musk
AMSTERDAM- soft floral, vetiver, honeysuckle, subtle jasmine, fresh & clean
BLIZZARD- clean, refreshing snow, greenery, white musk
BE BEAUTY- bergamot, lemon, fennel, lavender, rose, sandalwood, ylang
BREATHE IN- lovely scent, neroli, melon, rose, peppered woods, vetiver
BLACK HOLE- lime, grape, orange, sparkling brandy
BIG MAN'S HAT - warm, rich spiced woods & incense
CHANGE OF WEATHER- hay, mint, chamomile, oak, beeswax, spices
CREAM SODA-honey, vanilla milk, berries, citrus, benzoin, sage, lavender
COCOA CITRUS-tonka, yuzu, chocolate, coconut, bergamot
COTTON FOLLY- fresh, spring grass, floral blend
CHERRY TREE-jasmine, mimosa, orange, greens, cedar, light musk
CANDIED CREAM-sweet, fruity, coconut, strawberry, vanilla musk
CASANOVA- pomegranate, grapefruit, vanilla
CALACAZZAM- line, neroli, olibanum - clean & zesty
DEVOTION- apple cinnamon, lemongrass, ylang, rose, jasmine
DIVINE ZEPHYR- sweet & smoked woods, incensic
DISCO-smoky/sweet, vetivert, sandalwoods, syrupy vanilla
DEVIL'S ADVOCATE- oak, orange blossom, oakmoss, sage, ylang, green floral
DUSK- calming, lavender, tonka, ylang, sultry
DIRTY GIRL- unisex, oakmoss, patchouli, gree & woody, earthy
DEAD FOR DAYS-lime, neroli, frankincense, fresh & uplifting
DEITY- myrrh, orange blossom, bergamot, sandalwood, smoky & sweet
ELATION-cheery, lime, neroli, rose, grapefruit, sage, earthy
EMBERS-cinnamon, orange, sweet spiced & smoky
EVERGREEN- juniper berry, lemon, lime, rosemary, lavender
EVOKE- energizing, fresh, lemon verbena, rosewood, bergamot
EMPRESS-fresh, clean, apricot, bergamot, currant
FLURRY QUEEN- pear, cotton candy, cherry vanilla
FEMME FATALE- seductive, jasmine, sage, ylang-ylang
FILTHY- warm oakmoss, sandalwood, neroli, lavender, mint, tarragon
FREEZE-grapefruit, neroli, rose, fresh
FLAMING TIMBERS-smoky, lemongrass, sandalwood, lemon, firetree, myrtle, ginger
GRIM REAPER- ylang, rose, jasmine, tonka, heavy & pungent floral
HAPPY CHERUB- currant, tangerine, candy notes
HASTY PUDDING-oatmeal, sugar, vanilla, orange, honey
HONEY TOFFEE-creamy honey, vanilla musk, caramel, citrus
HIGH LIFE- ylang, sandalwood, jasmine, lime, tonka, lemon, floral woods
HELLION-smoky, masculine spicy, vetivert, beeswax, opoponax, amberette
IT'S ALL GOOD-rose, cedar, tonka, juniper, anise, citrus
ICE QUEEN-fresh mint & light, white musk
INSECURE- earthy, sandalwood, elemi, citrus
JAZZ LAND-Buddha wood, rose, sandalwood, tonka, smoked vanilla
JUNGLE QUEEN-exotic, ylang, cedar, vetiver, fruits, greens
KISMET- citrus, pine, spice, patchouli, lavender
KISSES INFINITE-sensual mandarin, osmanthus, myrrh, labdanum,
LORD LAWLESS- sweet, spiced patchouli, vanilla, pepper
LIBERTY- lemongrass, jasmine, ginger, firewood, spices, sandalwood, orris, ouhd
LILY LATHER- heavy lily, jasmine, neroli, ylang, potent floral
LEGIT- white musk, bergamot, light citrus blend
MISS KATRINA- lime, pastilles, sweet fruits
MONDO-neroli, orange blossom, vanilla, sweet/fresh/uplifting
MR MINT- neroli, peppermint, mint blends
MELODRAMA- heady violet leaf, jasmine, ylang, vanilla citrus
MARZIPAN- marzipan, almond, rose, benzoin, cinnamon
NO RAIN PLEASE- violet, vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver
OVERCAST- exotic orange, lime, gardenia
OMG OLIVE- musky floral with citrus, vanilla
OUHD SOUL-wood blend with iris, olibanum, complex
OCEAN ISLE-sweet, spiced sandalwood, musk & vanilla
PULL MY HAIR-almond milk, vanilla, vetiver, coconut
PLUNDERER-woods, lemongrass, unisex, intoxicating
PONDER ROSA- rose heavy, citrus
ROSE JELLY- rose, tonka, lemon, geranium
ROCKER PROPER- sweet, powdery floral, Better than cotton candy.
RUDOLPH ROCKS- cypress, bergamot, cassis, patchouli
RELENT-tonka, labdanum, grapefruit, patchouli, anise
RESPIRE- vetiver, sandalwood, musk, cedar, amber, citrus, incense
REMEDY-rose, tangerine, carnation, modern floral
SWIM NAKED- warm, spicy - sage, clove, violet, cedar
STAY PUFFY- musk, vanilla, ylang, geraniol, spices
SUNNY SIDE- fresh citrus pops with gardenia
SILLY PANTIES-soft, sensual jasmine, vetiver, cocoa
SMOKED PEARLS-lavender, chamomile, myrrh, berries, olibanum
SWEET PUFF-cotton candy, bubble gum, apples, pears
SINGLE LADIES-exotic floral, frangipani, jasmine, tuberose, vanilla
SATISFIER- black currant, licorice, bergamot, woods, warmth
SNOW WHITE- rose, apple, bergamot, neroli, orange
TENDER HEART- chocolate, cinnamon, toffee, honey
TURN UP- orange, lime, cognac, beautiful & sweet
ULEX BLOSSOM- furze, vanilla, coconut, neroli
VIOLETTA- violet, mimose, cinnamon, ylang, tonka, clove
WINE SLUSHIE- grape, citrus, bucho - sweet/fruity
WHIPPER SNAPPER-white musk, apples, greens, citrus, vanilla
WEDDING DAY-lemongrass, lime, caramel, tonka, ylang
WALK ABOUT-eucalyptus mint, lemongrass
YULE NOG- caramel, brown sugar, berry, ylang, clove, vanilla musk, cotton candy

Compare to LeLabo® Scents
4•4 VANILLE -citrus, vanille, guaiac wood, incense & aldehyde
3•1 ROSE

Compare to Philosophy® Scents
GRACIE BABY - floral with mimose and white musk
FALL IN LOVE - musk, vanilla, floral and blackberry
SOUTHERN GRACE -clean, fresh femme floral arrangement

Compare to Mugler® Scents

Compare to VS Scents
ROSE & CARAMEL- gourmand & rich rose scent *compare to VS*

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦OTHER DESIGNER TYPES♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
APRICOT + FIG- brand, unisex scent
COPPERY TONE- c/t the old sun tan fav
CLEAN AIR - fresh, femme, clean and serene
LADY LAUREN-1978-floral greens with powdery woods & spices
NEROLI GRANDE- neroli, bergamot, petit grain, galbanum, moss, birch, musk, amber, vanilla
LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL c/t LA VIE-sweet, vanilla, patchouli, gourmand fruits
PINK SUGARS- gourmand delight, super sweet cotton candy like scent
ON A BEACH - c/t Beach
SHEDONISTIC - tiare, jasmine, petitgrain, mandarin orange, bergamot and basil
EAT CAKE - c/t Tokyo Milk® - sweet, vanilla, cake-ish goodness

Compare to TF Scents
•BOLLYWOOD - deep, rich unisex
•ORCHID NOIR-dark, sensual, woodsy, gourmand spiced vanilla
•VIOLET NOIR -citrus, fruits, violet, oakmoss & woods
•CERULEAN LIME -fresh, salty lime in a warm, woodsy base
•FLEUR DU OUD- patchouli, rose, oud, woods
•FEMME NOIR - - citrus, Ginger, Jasmine, Vanilla Amber, Sandalwood
•VETIVER IN GRAY - dominant vetiver, salty notes, sunny, woody accords
PORTO NEROLI - bergamot, mandarin, orange flower; amber
•WOOD + OUD - woodsy & warm, lightly spiced
•ROSE CAFE -- warmly spiced rose, coffee
•TUSCAN CYPRESS-cypress, mint, citrus, basil, woods
TOBACCO + VANILLA (unisex)tobacco, spicy vanilla, cacao, fruity woods
•VENICE BERGAMOT - freshly spiced woodsy citrus
PATCHOULI BLANC - white floral, patchouli,, bergamot & spice
EST NOIRE- c/tTF- bergamot, caraway, pepper, spice, vetiver, amber, civet,
SO F*CKING FAB- c/t TF scent. aromatic, bitter almond, tonka, orris, leather, sage

Limoncello Cream
Café Latte
Rose Candy
Sweet Mint
Shirley Temple
Lemon Cake
Asian Pear
Whiskey Sugar
Cardamom Spice
Georgia Peach
Whiskey & Honey
Blood Orange

We use both essential oil blends as well as fragrance oil blends (which do contain a degree of synthetics). We purchase from suppliers that sell phthalate free, paraben free, NO animal testing oils. We purchase from suppliers that sell oils that are both RIFM and IFRA compliant. If you want a 100% all natural scent - you must choose from the category above listed ○○ESSENTIAL OILS/ ACCORDS/ABSOLUTES/RESINS○○

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We realize that sometimes things don't work out - if you want to send your item back, it must meet ALL of these requirements:
1- OUTER PRODUCT SEAL MUST REMAIN INTACT - broken seal=no refund

Please contact us PRIOR to purchasing if you have ANY questions regarding the products or scents. We will be happy to answer any and all questions prior to your purchase. We also sell samples of items, so if you think you may not like the scent, please ask questions or purchase a sample. Scents are subjective from person to person - so you may not always interpret the scent with your nose the same as I describe it. Descriptions are STICTLY based on the ingredient notes in the scent not the final scent or the way you perceive the scent to be.

IMPORTANT: I will not refund due to melted products left in hot mailboxes. If you live in a warmer climate area or order during the hottest months of the year, please note that Queen Bee Apothecary, LLC is not responsible for items that get hot in mail boxes or in cars. Be diligent in tracking your package if you order in the cold or hot months of the year, so your package will be attended to when it's delivered. Some products are heat and cold sensitive and will melt or freeze if left in mailboxes for long periods of time.

ONCE YOUR ITEM IS MARKED AS DELIVERED BY THE POSTAL SERVICE....you must contact your local branch or carrier to discuss delivery issues. Once the postal worker delivers packages, they scan the item into the system showing "DELIVERED". Unfortunately, we will not refund for an item that shows "DELIVERED" on tracking.

Please ask questions prior to purchase if you have any! If an item is lost in the mail, please contact me! Again, we will not refund for any package marked as "DELIVERED" in tracking. No threats of negative reviews will change this - they will be reported to esty admin team.
PAYMENT ACCEPTED: Direct check out with credit card or Paypal. Please understand that if you pay with e-check via paypal, we will not ship your item until the funds clear into our account which could take 3-12 business days.

I accept etsy gift cards!

If you purchase an item and cannot pay, please let us know so we can cancel the order. Unpaid items will result in canceling of the sale.
MAKE SURE THAT YOUR ADDRESS WITH ETSY IS CORRECT. Your item will be shipped to the address on file with etsy. If you are requesting a gift to be sent to someone special, please adjust the "ship to" address at checkout -- no exceptions. QBA, LLC is not responsible for shipping/reshipping when your address is not correctly entered into the etsy system.

If you have made multiple transactions (this means if you have checked out/paid more than one time) PLEASE contact me to let me know, otherwise, I may not catch this and your orders may ship on different days. If you wish them to be shipped together, SEND A NOTE.

I ship very frequently, but all orders will ship within 7 business days of payment received (unless there is a special note for increased production times or an issue with your order in which case I will let you know). There are always current processing times posted in the shop announcements section (PROCESSING TIME means from time of payment to the time I ship your order (this does not include post office delivery days). If you need to make arrangements for faster shipping, please contact us PRIOR to purchase and we will do our best to accommodate with our RUSH SHIPPING option for $6. Please note that there may be delays due to weekends and holidays as well as international services and customs. **Any delivery time stated with the USPS is an estimate, not a guarantee**

Items will ship via first class mail or priority, depending on package weight & size-- through the USPS. Please contact us prior to a large order and we can make up a custom listing for you, so we can possibly save you some shipping costs! I also combine shipping between my other store on etsy - 1898 Bathery & Co.

Once shipping labels are printed, tracking information is loaded automatically in the etsy system for you to view. You should also receive a shipping notification when your label is printed.

Queen Bee Apothecary, LLC is in NO WAY responsible for the use or misuse of any product purchased. I take care to include a full list of ingredients in each listing, so please take time to read them carefully checking for allergies.

Autres conditions et FAQ
1-RUSH PROCESSING- $6. This is an option you can add to your cart with your order if you need your order "rushed" through processing which is currently 3-6 full business days. We have many requests at the time of order placement to please ship sooner than the advertised time of 3-7 business days. Please note that we are no longer able to rush out orders UNLESS the rush processing has been purchased. Please note that processing times DO NOT include actual shipping time once your package has been mailed.

2- EXTRA SCENT- Also, requests for additional or extra fragrance will now incur a fee of $1 per item. There will be a listing available to purchase for this as well. DOUBLE SCENTING IS NOT AVAILABLE ON SHAMPOO ITEMS, BODY WASH OR LIQUID SOAP as it thins the product.

3- SHIPPING TO INCORRECT ADDRESSES - If your address at check out was incorrect and the parcel is returned to us, the buyer will be responsible to pay secondary shipping charges. We realize that sometimes there are oversights with addresses and if you check out but realize that your address is wrong, PLEASE CONTACT US ASAP VIA ETSY CONVO SYSTEM so that we can make the correction when we ship your package.

Since all of our products are made to order, we do not cancel orders after 48 hours of placement. We do try to work with customers so please let us know what the issue is.

Any stock photos that show products overflowing are strictly for effect - your jar or bottle will of course, not appear the same! I also change bottle styles & tones from time to time, so your bottle or jar could differ slightly from the stock photo - but will always hold the same amount as the listing you purchased.

Please read listings regarding size and weight of items - all listings describe this fully and clearly! If you are unsure of a weight or size - please ask! Jars/bottles have a capacity size as well as a net weight size. These will differ depending on the weight of the product. Extreme heat/cold temperatures in transit sometimes cause whipped products to deflate somewhat and this could effect the overall net weight of product.

My jars and bottles are filled to the maximum capacity at shipment, if you get a product that is half full please contact me! All liquid items are taped or sealed prior to transit, but if any issues arise, let me know! WE WILL NEED A PHOTO SENT TO US OF ANY DAMAGED/BROKEN/LEAKY ITEMS prior to replacement or refund.


Please understand that your purchase is confirmation that you have read, understand fully, and agree to these terms as stated above.