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Cristina Valdez


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Message du vendeur I am currently working on some new ideas for some new polish! Will be back in time for summer 2013!

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Dernière mise à jour : 21 janv. 2013

I am currently working on some new ideas for some new polish! Will be back in time for summer 2013!

Cristina Valdez

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Cristina Valdez


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Anonyme le 26 déc. 2012

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This is awesome.

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Anonyme le 18 déc. 2012

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Came super quickly and is really fun! The glitter is colorful, matte, and unique. I love it! :D

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My Handmade Lacquer Obsession

I have always had a love for bright rainbow-y things. Finding multi-colored things to be the most aesthetically pleasing, I would choose to wear (against the norm might I add) rainbow clothes, neon socks, etc, just because I liked the way it looked. Remember Lisa Frank? I was obsessed.

Another thing I have always loved, is nail polish. Every so often in elementary through high school I would see a bottle of polish I liked, and I would have to have it. The polishes to start my nail polish obsession were L'Oreal Bijou Crystals B. Brave and Sally Hansen nail Prisms Garnet Lapis. While these polishes are no longer sold in stores, my obsession has grown to making polishes through my own artistic ability.

I have always been a very creative person, opting for the more artsy classes all throughout school. Just about any art or craft or any creative outlet, I have tried it, and loved it. My favorites are photography and knitting. I have also dabbled extensively in jewelry making, and creating nail polish earrings is what got me to grow my nail polish collection, from a shoe box to 2, then from a plastic wall display it spilled over into a "Helmer," what polish-addicts call Hobby Lobby's version of Ikea's Melmer, initially designed to hold scrap booking tools, re-purposed to hold polish bottles, a lot of them.

I have combined my love of color, nail polish, and creativity into my own business here on Etsy. Though my creation of polishes is still in it's infant stages I plan on learning a lot and redefining the polish I create.

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Dernière mise à jour : 11 décembre 2012
Welcome to my Etsy shop, Seaskyy Lacquer! I am just getting started (December 2012) and hope you share my enthusiam for pretty polishes!

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If an item is damaged in shipping I will replace it either with the same item or an item of equal value in the shop. Requires a picture of broken item sent to seaskyyblog [!at]
Payment at time of sale, credit, pay pal, or Etsy gift cards accepted.
I live smack dab in the middle of the United States, so shipping should not take long to any corner, California to Maine. Will ship most packages USPS first class mail in a bubble mailer or a small box with a tracking number for confirmation. I like to use cotton balls for padding as they can also be used to remove polish from your nails.