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Bernadette's Vintage Jewelry


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Bernadette's Vintage Jewelry

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Bernadette's Vintage Jewelry

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Irina le 03 avril 2018

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Tnank you for fast shipping and beautiful brooch

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Lynn Barone

Lynn Barone le 06 févr. 2018

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Beautiful Liz P. Necklace. I added it to my collection. Price is right and arrived in very good condition.

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Heather Watson

Heather Watson le 19 janv. 2018

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This bracelet sparkles and is a stunner!

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Collecting and Selling Vintage Jewelry

My mother kept her jewelry in a shoebox and when I was young I would ask about once a month if I could look thru it. I would proceed to dump it on her bed and then go thru each piece, untangling the necklaces and deciding which piece I liked best. When I was finished it was all back in the shoebox and I would put it back in the closet where it would sit until the next month when I would go thru the same routine. One day I just moved on and didn't look at it again.

About 35 years later my mother passed away. As my sister and I were going her through her items, she no longer had a shoebox full of jewelry but had amassed a HUGE amount of jewelry. She had all of my grandmother's and a few pieces from her Aunt's. My sister wanted one piece and told me to take the rest.
Now this is the fun part. I live in a different state from where my mother lived so I had flown in and had to get this jewelry back on a plane. I knew I couldn't pack it or I may never see it again. Fortunately this was 3 years before 9/11 or I may not have been able to do this.

We still had screeners before 9/11 and had to put all of our carry ons on the conveyor for the agents to look at. I had put the jewelry into two really old shoulder bags that came from the airlines, the ones with the airline logos on them. I had one for each shoulder and they weighed between 15-20 lbs. each. I put them on the conveyor, a man looked at it thru an x-ray machine and then called me over. He literally whispered in my ear, "Is that jewelry in those bags?" I whispered back, "Yes" and he whispered "Okay".
I realized after I got to my gate that he probably thought I was carrying all this expensive jewelry incognito and he didn't want to bring attention to me. I was laughing so hard when I realized this because they were both full of costume jewelry and junk.

This is how I got started in the vintage jewelry business.

I have many more interests in vintage and sewing and you can learn about more here:

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welcome to my jewelry shop. stay a while and look around as I am sure you will find something you like!

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"There is an honor in business that is the fine gold of it,
that reckons with every man justly; that loves light;
that regards kindness and fairness more highly
than goods or prices or profits."

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