Felting Workshops For Eco Chic Gals!

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Felting Workshops For Eco Chic Gals!

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odds1 le 21 mars 2018

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Videon på hur man tovar vantar var utförlig och lätt att följa. Jag har ingen erfarenhet av tovning men videon guidar mig genom processen steg för steg. Det är lite jobbigt att ladda ner nio moduler men fördelen är att om du är osäker på något behöver du bara ladda ner just den delen som du behöver se om. Vanda är fantastisk, skriver man till henne om något man undrar över så svarar hon alltid. Jag tvekar inte att rekommendera denna video.

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Pamela Polowy

Pamela Polowy le 16 mars 2018

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Thank you Vanda. The video on wet felting purse was great! I am new to wet felting and the video guide me through the process step by step with easy to follow direction. My purse turned out perfect.

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Kathleen Dodge-DeHaven

Kathleen Dodge-DeHaven le 11 mars 2018

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I really enjoyed the videos; though I am not a beginner felter, I like to study the technique of others. The only negative I have is that there was a background noise on all the recordings. It certainly shouldn’t stop you from buying and taking advantage of the excellent teaching offered there. The pace was very good, the content and order of the lessons excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend any of these videos to any level of student.

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To me there´s nothing like wet felting. Since it allows me to make almost anything, I like calling it 'textile clay'

Crafting has been part of my life since I can remember. I’ve lost track of all the materials and techniques I’ve tried along the years, but I’ve always had a particular love for textiles. Yet, felt goes way beyond all that.

I fell in love with wet felting about 15 years ago. Back then I was living in Berlin and I started seeing these wonderful clothes and accessories in cool designer shops. It was love at first sight! I was immediately fascinated by all the textures and colors and forms you could create with this incredible material.

In 2006, after a lot of experimenting, I started selling my work at designer shops and craft markets in Lisbon, and soon after that I was teaching workshops on wet felting.

I absolutely love the flexibility that wool offers, but wool is also a special fiber because:
• it's natural and renewable
• it's biodegradable
• it's breathable, non allergenic and easy to care for.

I create jewelry and accessories, along with some home decor items and softies. My pieces have an urban look with straight simple lines and strong colors. In fact, I could probably say I’m in this for the color :) I spend a lot of time playing around with color combinations and looking for the right design or pattern. Here's one of the places I go to get inspiration www.pinterest.com/vandasousa/

If you love design, value durability and care about where materials come from, you’re in the right place. And if you’d like to learn how to felt and make these objects yourself, look through my shop ‘Going the Dodo Way’ for a variety of step-by-step PDFs and video courses, divided into 6 levels: absolute beginner, beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert and virtuoso. Would you like to have a better idea of what the courses look like? Come visit me at www.vandafsousa.com and subscribe to my newsletter to get the feeling for my teaching style.

Feel free to contact me and enjoy your stay :)

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