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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Mission Small Business: Team Get Votes

This team is created to help eachother get votes

Lets Talk Business

If you sell items in your shop where commercial use permission is available.

Alabama Tornado Help

Collecting fabric for a friend who lost her everything in Alabama Tornado

Building Your Online Business

Membership is currently closed and by invitation only.

Etsy Business Success

A team dedicated to sharing advice, tips, and experiences in order to create effective, more successful sellers.

Show & Tell- your Etsy Business- Team (Showatell)

We are a small tight knit group helping better our shops while learning the ropes.With a common goal to quit our day jobs! & Helping Animals

Christian Crafters in Business ~ CCIB

This team is for Christian's who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!

Buy From Women

We seek to celebrate, support, and promote other woman-owned businesses and shops here on Etsy.


The cure for the common business topic!

Square One Learning

Community Based Marketing and Business Help