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Fresh Outta the Box

For anyone just starting out on Etsy! Or anyone who wants to share some advice for the newbies!

unofficial etsy forums - Shutting Down THis Weekend

This team is closing down. - If you promo in this team area, your account will be removed.

Promoting Your Friends

Promote your Friends, a great way to help promote one another. ***Do not Start New Discussion Threads***


We all have projects that we intended on finishing, once we started. But unfortunately, they are still waiting for you to come back to them.


There is no I in Team!

Video Promotions And Marketing

Get Seen, Grow Your Brand, Sell More Stuff


Full time Etsy shop owners united to learn, help and share with each other.

Seattle RAIN Mastermind

This team is to help connect Seattle Etsy RAIN members who are participating in the Mastermind group.

Promote This

A friendly place to promote others and yourself