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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

The Eclectic Shop Team

Networking, promoting and lots of chit chat...come join. Get your name out there for Christmas!

Improve SEO and shop (The Etsy experience)

This is a team for all the ones who want to improve their shops and their SEO.


What does Success mean to you?

MAL Team

The MAL Team is for Creative Business Owners.


Your Etsy Success. We're dedicated to helping each other succeed and grow. Building and managing a successful Etsy-based business.

Keeping It Etsy

A group for promoting and encouraging business to business sales within Etsy.com.

BlackBusinessWomen (BBW)

This team is focused on promoting Black Business Women (BBW)! This gives us a chance to support each other and help build our brands!

Cheyney Group Accounting

Our main goal is to teach you the necessary skills that will enhance your effectiveness and help you have more control over your practice an