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We Want to Feature You on Our Blog

We offer three FREE ways to have your shop featured on our blog - Building Bridges Marketing.­

Edinburgh Etsy Team

A team where Edinburgh & Lothian Etsy sellers can network, share support, advice and experiences. Meet ups & Pop Ups events coming soon!

Card Making Artists

A place for card makers of all kinds to connect, learn and grow together.

Photographers who need Marketing Boards

Photographers can get a Marketing Ad in exchange for letting us use the Ad in our shop. We'll credit your work as well!


School for Creative Startups Students and Alumni

Buy From Women

We seek to celebrate and promote other woman-owned businesses.

London Designers and Vintage Sellers

This is a team to build our sales by discussing sales & marketing , fairs, markets and retail opportunities in London

Guest Blogger Promotional Opportunities

Jeanpatch Holistics is looking for Etsy shops to promote and do cross promoting with on Crafting, Cooking and Eco-Friendly Theme Blogs!

Show & Tell- your Etsy Business- Team (Satet)

We are a small tight knit group helping better our shops while learning the ropes.With a common goal to quit our day jobs! & Helping Animals

In Pursuit of Magic

The Etsy Team for sparking creative genius, building products, maintaining-marketing your masterpieces OR to just find some inspiration!