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Sellers Using iPads & Tablets on Etsy

Help each other make the best use of our electronic tablets on Etsy.


Share the Love Promo inspirational Advertising & Promotional Team dedicated to helping others grow their online businesses.


Let's get buzzing!!!

Promote Special Jewels

Promote any item that is special to you and post on this group.

Etsy Everything To Serve You

Our goal is to encourage and support each other as we climb the ladder of success together!!! :D

Texas Prairie Handcrafters

We're a group of handcrafters in the great state of Texas, looking to help each other grow and find success.

America First!

We are an All-American team promoting the best All-American shops!


A Creative Collective seeking 2 mold a Handmade Community working together 2 enhance the creativity, productivity & education of its members

Handmade Art Market Group

Team members are part of the ongoing Handmade Art Market on FB.

Periscope - Etsy Broadcasters

A NEW team for learning how to use the Periscope app to help your business grow. Personalized shop critique broadcasts done weekly w/ Q&As