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Makers And Designers (MAD) Brisbane

The Brisbane (and surrounding areas) contingent of the MAD Australia Etsy Team.

Decoden Dream Team

Decoden Dreams - The Etsy Deocoden Team to provide Decoden Artists with tips of the trade and a forum to get answers to any Deocden topics.

Prefix 30

Military Spouses helping each other grow our businesses.

||New - To - Etsy||

Etsy is my first online business. Like all new owners, I want to learn and share how to survive difficult times in your business...

Tutu Designers and Dreamers

Open to tutu shop owners, designers and suppliers.

MAL Team

The MAL Team is for Creative Business Owners.


Full time Etsy shop owners united to learn, help and share with each other.

Build Your Business

Help one another with honest reviews.

Makers of the Pacific Northwest

From Northern California to British Columbia & Alaska.... This is a community for Makers of the PNW, to connect, inspire, promote, & share.

The Artisans Of Surrey

Surrey Artisans Group created to connect local like minded artists encouraging them to share their work, knowledge and inspiration.