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Fees for Selling on Etsy

Here’s a breakdown of the fees for selling on Etsy:

Fee     Amount    Notes   
Having a shop     Free    There is no monthly membership fee.   
Listing an item     $0.20 USD each    Listings expire after four months.   
Selling an item     3.5%    3.5% of the selling price. This does not include any shipping or tax rates you may charge.   
Direct Checkout Varies by country    These are the fees for processing credit, debit, and Etsy Gift Card payments.   
Promoted Listings    Variable    Sellers set their own budget to promote items at the top and middle of search results pages.
Shipping Labels  Variable   The cost of the shipping label will depend on the origin and destination of the package. You are only charged for the postage you purchase when you create the label.
Auto-renew sold    $0.20 USD each    If your listing has unsold quantities remaining after a sale, you'll be charged an auto-renewal fee of $0.20 USD. The listing will remain active for an additional four months, or until sold.
Multi-quantity fee     Variable    This fee applies when more than one quantity is sold. For instance, if four items sell during a single transaction, your bill will reflect a $0.60 (USD) multi quantity fee for the additional three quantities that sold. Learn more about how fees work with quantity here.

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