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Fees for Selling on Etsy and Pattern

Here’s a breakdown of the fees for selling on Etsy:

● Listing an item

● Creating custom items

● Selling an item

● Renewing an item

● Advertising your items

● Shipping Labels and Postage

● Fees for selling on a Pattern site

● Fees not broken out on your Etsy bill

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Listing an item

Fee Information Notes
Listing fee - $0.20 per listing

- Fee added to bill when an item is listed.

- Has to be paid regardless of resulting sales.

- A listing expires after 4 months.
Multi-quantity fee - $0.20 owed for each additional quantity.

- Included in the Listing fee subtotal on your bill.

- If you sell multiple quantities of a listing in one transaction you’ll owe a multi-quantity fee for each additional quantity.

- If you sell more than 1 item in an order, you've already been charged for listing that first item. We only charge you $0.20 each for the extra quantity you sell.
Learn more here.

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Creating custom items

Fee Information Notes
Private listing fee - $0.20 per private listing.

- Fee is only billed if specified buyer purchases the item.

Learn more here.

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Selling an item

Fee Information Notes
Transaction fees - 3.5% of item total in a transaction.

- Does not include any shipping or taxes in an order.

- Different from the Etsy Payments processing fee (not included on your bill statement).

Etsy Payments processing fees - Only applies to sellers who accept payments through Etsy Payments.

- Does not appear on the Etsy bill and is a separate fee in your payment account.

-Check below for more details.
Learn more here.

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Renewing an item

All renewal fees are $0.20

  • Renewal fees have different names depending on the state of the listing, as well as if the renewal action was manual or automatic.
Listing state Fee Information More information
Active items Renew fee Manual renewal of an active listing Learn more here.
Expired items Renew expired fee Manual renewal of an expired listing Learn more here.
Items about to expire Auto-renew expired fee - Automatic renewal of an expired listing

- If turned on, expired items will be automatically renewed.

Sold items Renew sold fee Manual renewal of a sold out listing Learn more here.
Sold items with quantities remaining Auto-renew sold fee - Automatic renewal of a sold listing

- If your listing has quantities remaining after a transaction it will automatically renew to keep the item available for sale.
Learn more here.

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Advertising your items

There are two optional advertising tools for Etsy sellers:

The fees can vary but both ad tools are charged on a cost-per-click (or "CPC") basis. You are responsible for paying for any clicks your ads receive.

Be sure to read over Etsy's Advertising & Marketing Policy.

Advertising type Information More information
Promoted Listings Promoted Listings allows you to highlight your products in designated search results on Etsy.
Learn more here.
Google Shopping Ads Google Shopping gives you the opportunity to reach new buyers outside of the Etsy marketplace. Learn more here.

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Shipping Labels and Postage

Fee Information More information
Shipping Labels fees - Fees can vary

- The cost of your shipping label(s) will depend on the origin and destination of the package.

- You are only charged for the postage you purchase when you create the label.

- You may also owe shipping label taxes or insurance based on your location and the postage you purchase.
USPS shipping labels on Etsy

FedEx shipping labels on Etsy

Canada Post shipping labels on Etsy

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Fees for selling on a Pattern site

Full breakdown of Pattern fees can be found here.

Pattern is an additional channel for your business that allows you to set up your own website for your brand. It does not replace your existing Etsy shop.

Fee Cost More information
Monthly Pattern Subscription fee $15.00/month after a 30-day free trial
Domain registration fee Varies Domains are optional with Pattern.

Read more here.

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Fees not broken out on your Etsy bill

Etsy sellers that accept payments with Etsy Payments are responsible for payment processing fees. These are different from Etsy's 3.5% transaction fee, which does appear on your Etsy bill.

Fee Information Notes
Etsy Payments processing fees - Varies by country.

- Calculated on the order total (including any shipping and taxes).

- Etsy Payments processing fees are removed automatically from the funds received from buyers in your payment account.
Learn more here.
Deposit currency conversion - If you list items in a currency other than your bank account's currency, Etsy converts your funds from Etsy Payments to your bank's currency on your behalf.

- 2.5% added to market rates when currency conversion is required.

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