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Getting Featured on Etsy

There are so many brilliant, unique shops on Etsy that we're not able to feature everyone. We hope we'll be able to feature you!

Sellers don't submit their items to us to be considered. Rather, Etsy's Merch team scours the site for items and shops to feature.

Increase Your Chances

Make sure your photos are as great as they can be.

We just can't stress this point enough! Learn how to make your photos ready for publicity.

Be an active part of the Etsy community.

This can help more people find out about you. For instance, take part in a team.

Work on your tags and titles.

This makes it easier for people to find you and your items. Learn about getting found in Search results.

For more tips on improving your shop:

  • Take a look at this article from our Seller Handbook for more tips for getting your shop feature-ready.

  • Subscribe to the Etsy Success newsletter.

Requirements for Featured Shops

In addition to the tips above, we have a list of must-haves for your shop in order to be eligible to be featured. These requirements also apply to other opportunities, such as exclusive events or prototype groups.

  • Fill out your About section.

  • Fill out your shop policies including your policies for returns, exchanges, and custom orders.

  • Make sure your account is in good standing with Etsy. If you have outstanding cases or chargebacks, a low average review score, or overdue bills, your chances of being featured decline dramatically.

  • Follow our Seller Policy. For example, make sure your items meet our marketplace criteria for handmade, vintage, and craft supplies and don’t violate our Prohibited Items Policy. Items which do not meet our policies are subject to removal.

  • Make sure your items do not infringe on anyone’s rights, intellectual property or otherwise. You can do this by ensuring that you have permission to use the images, designs, or other content you use in your work.

  • If you work with an outside manufacturer, you must be approved through Etsy’s outside manufacturing approval process.

  • If you sell items that are subject to regulation by government agencies, make sure you are complying with any relevant laws. Examples include: animal products, products and clothing for children, plants, edibles, health products, bath and beauty products, etc.

  • If you work with a charity, be prepared to provide proof of that charity’s tax status, what they do, and that you have permission to use their trademarked logos and raise funds on their behalf. More on donating shop proceeds to charity.
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