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Each Etsy shop can feature up to four listings at the top of the shop homepage, just below the Shop Announcement.

This is a way to showcase four listings you especially want shoppers to see when they visit your main shop page. The same listings still appear in order in your shop below.

This doesn't affect the Handpicked Items that appear on the Etsy homepage. Learn how they are selected.

Once your shop is open to the public, go to Your Shop > Quick Links > Listings Manager. Then, click on the Active tab and click the stars next to the items you want to feature.

More than four item listings can be selected, but only the first four will be displayed.

When a featured listing sells out, it's replaced with the next item on the list. To make sure you don’t have any blank spots on your Featured Listings section, you can choose more than four featured items.


You can drag and drop your Featured Listings to rearrange them, and the changes will take effect in your shop immediately. 

If you are using an iPad or Android tablet, you'll see up and down arrows rather than drag handles.

To get started using Featured Listings, visit here

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