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Your Username

Your Etsy username cannot be changed except in the event of documented legal action (such as trademark infringement) at Etsy's discretion.

For this reason, it's a great idea to carefully consider your username before registering.

Keep In Mind When Choosing a Username:

  • Usernames can be up to 20 alphanumeric characters (both upper and lowercase).

  • Usernames cannot contain any special symbols or spaces.

  • Once a username has been registered, the capitalization can't be changed.

  • Mature content, profane, or racist language is not allowed in a username.

  • Usernames containing the name "Etsy" are considered a violation of the "Etsy" trademark and are not allowed.

Your Full Name

If you have a "full name" on your Etsy profile, your full name can take the place of your username across most of the site.

To add your full name, go to You > Account settings > Public Profile. There you can enter your name and save your settings.

Registering for a New Account

If you've already registered a username that you're no longer happy with, you can register for a new account with an entirely different username.

  • If you've used your shop name on an open shop, you can't use the shop name as your username or shop name on a new account.

  • Different capitalization of the same username will not count as a new account.

To register for a new account, you'll need a different email address. You may want to change the email address on the current account to free it up for use on your new account. To do so, go to You > Account settings and scroll down to the Emails section.

For tips to consider when choosing a new username or shop name, check out this article from our Seller Handbook.

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