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Set Your Own Shipping Costs With Shipping Profiles

You can save time adding shipping rates to your shop by creating shipping profiles. If you’re a seller in the US and would like to have shipping costs automatically calculated for you, you may use calculated shipping. Learn more about calculated shipping here.

Shipping profiles allow you to quickly update multiple listings with similar shipping costs. You can create separate shipping profiles for the different types of items you sell.

Create a shipping profile

To start using shipping profiles, you’ll need to have a shop that’s open to the public.

1) Visit Your shop > Listings > Shipping profiles.

2) Click Create shipping profile. When you’re ready to add additional profiles, choose Create New Profile.

3) Enter your Profile name and other shipping information.

4) When you're done, click Save Profile.

Learn how to add shipping upgrades to your listings here.

Link your shipping profiles to listings

Now, you can add your shipping profiles to your listings by following these steps:

1) Visit Your shop > Quick links > Listings Manager and click Active.

2) Click the checkbox of the listing that needs a shipping profile.

3) Click More Actions > Shipping Profiles from the dropdown menu.

4) In the next window, click the Select profile… dropdown menu and choose a shipping profile.

5) Click Apply to save your changes.

Edit a shipping profile

Changes can be made to your shipping profiles at any time. Editing a shipping profile will affect all of the listings that are attached to it.

1) Click Your shop > Listings > Shipping profiles.

2) Find the profile you would like to change. Click Edit to make changes to your profile (or the X to remove it).

3) Edit the Profile name and other shipping information.

4) Click Save Profile.

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