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Renew an Expired Listing

After you list an item, the item listing has a lifespan of four months on the site before it expires. Expired listings do not show up in your public shop. Renewing an expired listing puts it back in your public shop for another four months.

Renewing an expired listing

Renewing listings automatically

Viewing expiration dates for listings

Renewing an expired listing

1.) Go to Shop Manager > Listings and click Expired.

2.) Check the box of the item or items you want to renew.

3.) Click Renew.

4.) Review your selections and click Renew.

This will give your listing four more active months. You will be charged the standard listing fee of $0.20 USD per renewal on your Etsy bill.

To edit your expired listing before renewing it, go to Shop Manager > Listings and click Expired. You can click the thumbnail photo or select Edit from the gear to edit before renewing.

You can renew both active listings and expired listings. Learn more about renewing an active listing.

Renewing listings automatically

You can choose whether or not you want your listings to renew automatically. You can do this for all of your listings or just a select few. You'll see the option to change your renewal settings when:

Editing or adding a listing

Scroll down to the bottom of the Listing details section, and look for Renewal options. For new listings, you'll see that Automatic is selected as the default. You can click Manual if you prefer to renew the listings yourself.

Renewing an expired listing

You'll see this option in the renewal overlay after manually renewing an expired listing. To set up automatic renewal, check the box next to Renew these listings automatically.

Note: The option to edit quantity in this overlay won’t be available if it varies for a listing. To make changes, you’ll need to edit the individual listing manually.

Selecting multiple listings

Check the boxes next to listings you want to manage and then click More Actions. From the dropdown menu, click Manage renewal options and then select Automatic.

Note: If your shop is in vacation mode, your listings will still auto-renew if you've chosen this option.

Viewing expiration dates for listings

1.) Go to Shop Manager > Listings and select Active. The expiration date is listed for each item.

2.) Use the sort feature to sort by expiration date.

You can also receive reminder emails when you have items that will expire within seven days.

To sign up for these reminders, go to You > Account settings > Emails. Check the box next to My listings are about to expire. Be sure to scroll down and save your changes.

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