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Renew a Sold Item

To renew a sold item:

1.) Go to Shop Manager > Orders.

2.) Click the small gear icon that appears next to the item title.

3.) Choose Renew.

You'll have the option to edit your listing before adding it back to your shop.

When you renew a sold listing, it keeps the same URL (web address), view count, and all of its admirers. Any shopper who marked your item as a Favorite can still easily find it for sale.

If the quantity of your sold listing varies, then the quantity for all of those variations will automatically reset to "1" when you renew.

To renew multiple sold listings at once, go to Shop Manager > Listings and select the Sold out filter on the right.Mark all the items you'd like to renew and click Renew, or edit them individually before adding them back to your shop.

Your renewed sold listing will have a new listed-on date and will expire four months from the date of renewal. It will appear in your shop, categories, Etsy Search, and other shopping features the same way it does when you renew an active or expired listing.

Note: If you've sold an item and have a similar item that you would like to list, you can copy the sold listing. Learn more about copying a listing here.

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