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Renewing an Active Listing

When you renew an item, it receives a new listing date and a new expiration date (four months from the date you renew the listing). 

There are two ways you can renew an active listing:

Via Your Listings Manager

1.) Go to Your shop > Quick links > Listings Manager.

2.) Check the box of the item you want to renew.

3.) Scroll to the top of the page and click the Renew button.

You can also select Renew from the gear menu of the item you’d like to renew.

On Any Listing Page

1.) As long as you're signed in, a set of listing tools will be at the top of your listing page. 

2.) Click Renew.

Note: These links are only visible to you as the shop owner when signed in to your Etsy account.

When Renewing

  • The listing will retain its prior admirers and view count.

  • You will be charged the listing fee of $0.20 USD each time you renew.

You can also renew expired listingsLearn more.

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