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Adjusting and Cropping Listing Images

Listing images are sized differently depending on where they are seen on the site:

Dimensions for thumbnails = 75 x 75 pixels

Dimensions for gallery images = 170 x 135 pixels or 155 x 125 pixels

We resize the photo dimensions and crop images from the center. So do try to keep the most important part of your item in the center of the image.

You're also welcome to adjust your thumbnails to determine how they will look in your shop.

Adjust your thumbnail photo

1.) Edit your listing or create a new listing and you’ll see a Adjust Thumbnail button below your primary image.

2.) After clicking Adjust Thumbnail button, slide the circular button left and right to zoom in and out.

3.) Drag your image until it’s in the position you want.

4.) Once you're happy with your adjustments, click Save.

To get started, go to Shop Manager > Listings.

Crop your listing photos

You can crop the full-size images on your public listing page by using the crop tool.

1.) Click the pencil icon under any one of your listing images.

2.) Select any one of the suggested crop sizes or drag the corners of the grid to customize the crop area.

3.) Click Save.

Try it out by going to Shop Manager > Listings.

Once you crop an image and save it, you won’t be able to undo the crop. If you make a mistake, you’ll have to upload the original image again.

Keep in mind that cropping your image or changing photo dimensions will affect the position of the picture inside the thumbnail. It’s a good idea to make any cropping adjustments before you adjust your thumbnail.

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