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Change Bank Account for Receiving Etsy Payments Deposits

For shops in draft mode, go here and click Update bank details.

For open shops, go here and select update next to an account.

If your shop isn't open yet:

Update your bank details by going to Your shop and clicking the Get Paid tab.

Then, click Update bank details and enter your information in the pop-up window that appears. Remember to click Save when you're done making changes. Learn more about opening your shop.

If your shop is open:

Go to Shop Manager > Finances > Payment settings and select Update next to Bank details.

Once you’ve updated your bank account, your Etsy Payments funds will be on hold for five days in order to protect your account from any possible misuse.

For US bank accounts, a small test deposit should appear in your account within three to seven days. This is a courtesy to let you know that deposits are working properly. Once you see the deposit, no further action is required on your part. We do not issue these deposits to bank accounts outside of the United States.

Note: You may only change bank accounts if a new account is in the same currency and country as a previous one. It’s not possible to change to a bank account that operates in another currency and country at this time.

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