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Listing Photo Dimension Requirements

We recommend using an image that is 1000 pixels wide. Using an original image of this size lets shoppers use the Zoom button to see the larger image.

Image orientation

For the first photo in a listing, images oriented horizontally (landscape) or square images are recommended.

This helps to ensure that the center focal point of the image appears in the cropped thumbnail views.

Image editing tools

If you’re simply cropping a photo, you can do so on the page where you’re editing or adding a listing. Once you’ve added photos to a listing, click the pencil icon to crop your photo. You can select one of the suggested crop sizes or drag the corners to customize the crop area.

If you need to edit your images further, here are two free online photo editing services that many sellers like to use. You can use any one of these tools to edit your images for Etsy:

(Etsy is not affiliated with these services.)

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