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Locating Payment in PayPal After a Sale

Check Your Email Address

First, check that you have the correct PayPal email address on file with your Etsy account.

1.) Sign in and click Shop Manager > Finances > Payment settings.

2.) Make sure your PayPal email address next to the PayPal checkbox is correct.

3.) If it's incorrect, change it and contact PayPal. You may need to give them the incorrect and the correct email address.

If Buyer Paid via PayPal eCheck

It's also possible the buyer paid via PayPal eCheck.

eCheck payments made from a PayPal account associated with a US bank account can be held for 3-4 business days. eCheck payments made from a PayPal account linked to a bank account outside the US are usually held for 7-8 business days.

If Buyer Paid via Etsy Payments

If the buyer paid via Etsy Payments, the payment won't show up on PayPal, but will instead be in your payment account on Etsy.

Other Options

If you still can't find the payment, your buyer can cancel their initial payment, and you can send a new PayPal invoice directly to their email address.

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