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Dolls and Miniatures

Certain items listed in the Dolls and Miniatures category and its subcategories may be intended for a variety of age groups, including adults. It is important to accurately describe your items, including what the item is, its intended use, its intended age group, and any age restrictions. If you sell an item that is not intended for use by anyone under a certain age, be sure to clearly state that in your listing description.

Some things to consider when listing an item in the Dolls and Miniatures category or any of its subcategories:

  • Is the item intended only for adult collectors?

  • Is the item intended for decorative use only?

  • Is there a recommended age group for this item?

  • Does the item present any hazards (such as strangulation, ingestion, aspiration, or choking) to children under a certain age?

Below you'll find additional resources for listing items under the Dolls and Miniatures category or its subcategories. Please know that this list isn't exhaustive, and Etsy cannot advise on how to comply with the law.

Note: Etsy is not able to say with certainty that all third-party resources are up-to-date or accurate. We recommend that you speak with a qualified expert for advice about your specific items.

US Resources

Labeling Requirement for Advertising Toys and Games (US Code of Federal Regulations)

CPSC - What is a Children’s Product?

Resellers Guide to Selling Safer Products

European Resources

EU Guidance on Toy Safety

Toy safety - Ensuring children benefit from the highest level of protection

England, Scotland, and Wales


Mandatory Standards for Consumer Products

Toys for children up to and including 36 months of age


Industry Guide to Health Canada's Safety Requirements for Children's Toys and Related Products

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