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Gift Registry

You can search existing registries and create new registries using the Gift registries tool. It's found at the bottom of

The tool will ask for a wedding date, but you can use the registry builder for all event types.

If the date’s event is not confirmed, don’t worry—you can change the date at any time.

Adding items and specifying your preferences

Reviewing your registry

Publishing your registry

Other common questions


Adding items and specifying your preferences

Hover over listing images and select the list icon that appears at the top right. Or on a listing page, click Add to and select Wedding Registry.

For any specific instructions, you can add a note to the seller for each item. On your Registry page, find the item and click Add a note to the shop below the shop name and title.

You can add up to 100 items to your registry.

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Reviewing your registry

Review your registry at any time by visiting the Registry page.

Here you can:

  • Delete and edit items

  • Change your registry information

  • Manage your registry’s visibility settings

  • add a note for a shop

  • Share your registry with others 

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Publishing your registry

When you’re ready to publish your registry, click Share at the top of the Registry page.

Confirm your wedding date and share your and your partner's names. Your partner is not required to have an Etsy account. If he or she does have an account, we will not link to it from your registry.

Choose a delivery address for gifts. You can select from addresses you’ve used in the past or add a new address. During checkout, buyers will have the option of shipping to this address or to one of their own.

Mark your registry as “findable” for friends and family to be able to locate it in our registry search.

Once published, you can share it with others:

  • via direct link

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • embeddable HTML code

  • or printable cards  

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Other common questions

How do I delete my registry?

Find the Info box on the right side of the Registry page and click Edit. You can delete your registry using the link in the bottom right corner of the overlay that appears.

Please note that deleted registries cannot be restored.

What does it mean if items are “unavailable?”

If an item on your registry is unavailable, it has either sold out, expired, or otherwise been removed from the site.

Unavailable items are not visible on your public registry, but you can still see them on your individual Registry page.

Will sellers know that a purchase is from a registry?

Yes—items purchased from a registry are noted on both the buyer and seller receipt pages.

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